What We Are About 关于我们

What's Our Story
Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) became a Tri-Services Veterans Associations on 8 Jun 2017. MACVA was formally approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Ministry of Defends, Malaysia as a Veterans Association on 31 Aug 2016.

This is in accordance to Section 13 of the Veteran Act 2012. It was a very auspicious day for MACVA as it is also the 59th National Day of Malaysia. We are a group of retired Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans with more than 1000 life members.

We were formed purely out of concerned for our future generations. We believe in our Malaysian Dream of a just, caring society in a harmonious, united and progressive country. We want a better tomorrow for every son and daughter in our beautiful country. We want them to be proud to call this land home.

We are veterans with a wide range of knowledge and experience. We are honorable and respectable. Our aims are noble and achievable. We are a special breed of people who had served the King and Country loyally, risked our lives and contributed much to nation building. We want to continue serving the nation in bringing the Malaysian dream to fruition. To achieve this we want to be heard and respected and be a credible organization.

大馬陆军华裔退伍军人协会是于2016年8月31日根据2012年退伍军人法令第十三章向国防部退伍事务局注册成立。 之后为迎接海空军的加入,于2017年6月8日改称为大马华裔退伍军人协会。


我们的成立纯粹是为了造福更好的马来西亚给下一代,我们相信我们的马来西亚梦,那就是一个充满公正,关怀,融洽, 团结和进步的国家。我们需要一个更好的明天及美丽的马来西亚,留传给我们的后代,也希望他们能骄傲的把这里称为家园。

我们这群退伍老兵拥有不同的专长和经验,曾经光荣的为国效力。我们的目标崇高但也务实。在华社中,我们是特别的一群, 曾经忠诚的效力国家和元首,用生命来捍卫和建立国家。我们将继续朝向美好的马来西亚梦而努力。 为此,成为一道可信赖的呼声是我们要达致的。

Who Are We
We are an organization where men and women have sacrificed a huge part of their life defending the nation in the frontline. These were the men and women that brought peace to the nation when the CPM laid down arms, which were both the direct and indirect efforts of these men and women. We are the veterans of the Malaysian Armed Forces of Chinese descendents who had proudly and loyally defended the nation and help in nation building since independence.

我们这团体是由马来西亚陆军华裔男女前军人所组成,他们为了防御国家内外敌人以及保卫最高元首, 牺牲了年轻岁月及一生中大部分的时间,在前线努力战斗及在后方支援作出无价的奉献。他们与其他的国家安全部队, 对马来西亚的和平尤其是马共投诚有着重大的贡献。所有马来西亚人今天享受着独立以后的和平, 可以归因于这些华裔前军人成员们过去直接或间接的付出和牺牲。

Our Vision... to be a Credible Voice

我们的愿景: 成为一道可信赖的声音


1. 培养和提升老战友们的情怀,凝聚力和融洽度。
2. 援助有需要的前军人。
3. 资助所有有需要的国人。
4. 培养国民公民意识。
5. 提供马来西亚武装部队永续的支持和资源。
6. 确保其所有成员注意和遵守其章程。
7. 控制和行使与退伍军人事务有关的所有活动的管辖权。

1. 拥有一个和谐,团结和进步的马来西亚。
2. 给子孙创造一个美丽的国家和幸福的明天。
3. 让每个子孙自豪和亲切地称这片土地“我们的家”。

What We Do 活动
We organise events for the benefits of our members and their families where we get together for comradeships and shares stories and experiences of our past services and also our present endeavours. We also plan to gather during festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year where we celebrate our heritage and share our joy and happiness. Our activites currently includes Workshops, Veterans comradeship gatherings and Sport activities.

We plan to carry out motivational talks to expose the career opportunities within the Armed Forces to all schooling youth most notably among the Chinese school. It is our aim to encourage them to look into and investigate the Armed Forces profile as an addition job avenue to what they have been practising.

我们将主办一些对会员及家庭成员们有益的活动,把大家团结一起分享过去及现在生活上的点滴,以加强会员们的关系。 在有关于华人节日的庆典,如农历新年我们都会一起欢欣庆祝。本协会目前的活动也包括举办座谈会,老兵联谊会 和某些运动项目。


Charity and Useful Works
This is our long term initiative to achieve our objectives of rendering assistance and support to veterans; and providing charity to deserving Malaysians. Among the programs that we have earmarked are as follows:-
a. Support for the Aged and Under Priviledged.
b. Youth Development.
c. Veteran Outreach.
d. Veteran Appreciation Day.

It is our fervent hope that as we grow as an organisation; we will be able to assist the Malaysian society in general by carrying out some of the above programs.

a. 援助老年及有贫苦孩童。
b. 青少年培训。
c. 老兵援助。
d. 老兵感恩日。


Calling Veterans
There are more than 1000 of us already registered with MACVA as life-members and efforts to locate others are being carry out.  If you are a Chinese veterans that wish to join us or want to know more about us; please mail us your contact information as we would like to speak to you in person.

现今我们有1000余名退伍军人均已注册在 MACVA 成为终生会员,然而我们将继续召唤其他尚未加入的退伍军人。 如果你是一名华裔退伍军人想要加入我们或者想知道多一些我们的细节,请 (电邮) 我们你的联络资料,我们会亲自向你解说。

We have both picture and video gallery where we put up photos and videos of our organisation activites. Feel free to visit them while you are here.