Successes and Achievements of MACVs

Maj Lee Yat Thong (Rtd)
17 Dec 16
MACV Maj Lee Yat Thong (Rtd), is the international trainer for Siemens Project Management training at Siemens University China. The targeted audience for the PM course are Siemens active project managers, project engineers due for job upgrade, commercial project managers and project controllers.

Siemens emphasized on systematic Global standard project management practices, processes and methodologies for its project managers as Siemens derived 50% of its revenue worldwide from project business. This course give the participants the grounding on Siemens project management DNA. The course is not run as a technical project management course but heavily tied to Siemens project business philosophy.

The three modules course cover wide variety and diverse topics related to project life cycle including systematic project planning, project opportunities and risks management, project contracting, project negotiation, project leadership, team dynamics, systematic project solving, project controlling and financial controlling.

The course is designed as adult experiential learning working on real life Siemens project management issues and challenges. This course is part of the Siemens project managers' career path in the project management job family.

Maj Lee Yat Thong (Rtd) comes from extensive project management business background having ran a construction company and being head of project cum operations management of one of the business Divisions of Siemens before embarking onto his current portfolio as Siemens international trainer.

We are proud of our Maj Lee's high achievements.

 Module 1 Session
 Module 2 Session
 Module 3 Session