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MACVs paying last respect to Wong Tuck Moon while Last Post being play.

Thank You Note To MACVA
9 Jul 18
Dear MACVA and RMAF veterans (specially to Lt Col Ooi Ah Ba and wife, Capt Tei Poey Eong, Lim Thian Huat, Ang Tat Leong, Ang Kee Lam, Lai Choo, Kok Ching Huat, Phoo Ah Fook, Cheah Chong Bon and Lee Hock San),

On behalf of our family, we would like to say a BIG thank you to the members of MACVA and RMAF veterans for attending my father’s wake and funeral service, showing kindness and generosity during the time of my father’s passing. We deeply appreciate all your kind support and help. Thank you for sending such a beautiful condolence letter and large flower arrangement.

My father was certainly proud of his work in RMAF so your presence and support have been very much appreciated. The dignity of the military sendoff ceremony was a most perfect recognition of my father’s service to our country. It gave each one of us a warm sense of pride, comfort and appreciation. Hearing the Last Post playing, witnessing the flag folding and serious attention of the MACVA personnel was awe-inspiring to us. What a wonderful and moving way to show our family the respect that was earned by my father. Serving in the RMAF for 22 years was a big part of our father’s life, therefore having his services recognized so beautifully was truly meaningful for all of us.

Words cannot adequately express the respect, the honor, kindness and dignity displayed by all of you. We were very grateful for your presence, support and the noble way you handled the ceremony. Please know that it has made a difference that each one of us will remember forever.

With great appreciation,
Wong Kar Foong, Wong Kar Keong,
Wong Kar Wai,Wong Kar Loon
(Children of Ong Soo Her @ Wong Tuck Moon)

"MACV WO 2 Wong Tuck Moon RMAF (Rtd) passed away peacefully on the 4th of June, 2018 at the age of 74 years. His wake was held at Leng How Koe Columbarium, Paya Terubong, Penang and his funeral service was held at the same venue on the morning of 8 Jun 18. Northen Chapter MACVs and RMAF Veterans attended his wake and were present at his service to pay their last respect and gave him a dignified military send off. Capt Tei Poey Eong RMAF (Rtd) conducted the flag folding with Ang Tat Leong and presented the Malaysian flag to Madam Tay Liew Im while Lt Col Ooi Ah Ba RMAF (Rtd) presented Wong's Life Membership Certificate and MACVA Condolence Letter to Madam Tay Liew Im."

L to R:Mrs Tan, Tan Sin Kim, Miss Tan and Hong Swee Chui. L to R:Leong Swee Thin, Lee Ah Like, Wong Kwai Yinn and Ho Kim Kheong.

MACVA Assistance to SSgt Tan Sin Kim (Rtd) and Sgt Ho Kim Kheong RMAF (Rtd)
5 Jun 18
SSgt Tan Sin Kim (Rtd) is a non pensioner who retired after serving for 18 years. He is 75 years old; married with 3 daughters and a son and received a RM300 Sara Hidup allowance from the Welfare Department. He lives in a rented house with his son at Batu 10 New Village, Cheras where they operate a small computer repair center.

His youngest daughter suffers from schizophrenia and unemployed since 1996. She stays with her mother and 2 sisters at a 3rd Floor Apartment at Taman Tun Perak, Cheras. On 5 May 18, she fell down from the apartment window and suffers two fractured rips causing injuries to one of her lungs. She was admitted to HUKM Cheras where both hipbones were also found ruptured and required stabilizing with titanium plate. She was placed in intensive care for a week before being transferred to the Psychiatric Ward for further treament.

MACVA was informed on 19 May 18 and Miss Tan was visited by WO2 Hong Swee Chui at HUKM Cheras on 20 May 18. A donation drive was subsequently launched on 25 May 18 until midnight 31 May 18 where the sum of RM10,400 were successfully raised to assist SSgt Tan in his daughter medical bill. By 8 June 2018, the donation increased to RM12,000.

Sgt Ho Kim Kheong RMAF (Rtd) is a non pensioner who retired after serving for 13 years. In early March 2018, he suffered a twisted arm due to mishap at workplace and was given a month medical leave. He work as a machine technician with Jasmine Rice Factory in Shah Alam, Selangor. Ipoh MACVs visited him at his home in First Garden, Ipoh on 24 Mac 18.

His son, Ho William fell from a 1st floor shopping lot while visiting his grandparents in Ipoh on 18 Mac 18. His lower spine and left arm was fracture and he was admitted to General Hospital Ipoh. On 20 Mac 18, he undergo an operation where titanium plate were inserted to secure and stabilize his lower spine and his left arm was plastered. Ipoh MACVs visited him on 22 Mac 18 and he was discharged on 23 Mac 18. A sum of RM4,500 were raised from the Commitee Members during the Management Meeting on 15 May 18 to assist Sgt Ho in his son medical bill.

It is one of MACVA objectives to render assistance and support to veterans who are in dire need of help. We pray for their recovery, their love one's recoveries and their families to be granted patience and strength throughout the ordeal. The solidarity and generosity shown by fellow MACVs are overwhelming and should be applauded. MACVA President Maj Tan Pauson (Rtd) expresses his sincere gratitutes and thanks to all members who have kindly assisted towards this efforts.

MAVCs vsiting William Hor at Tung Shin Hospital. MACVs visiting Richard Theseira at Institut Jantung Negara.

MACVs Welfare Visits
1 Apr 18
MACVs from Klang Valley visited WO 1 Hor Wah Sim RMAF (Rtd) at Tung Shin Hopsital on 31 Mac 18. He is recovering from a stroke that he had sufferered. They also visited Associate Member F/Sgt Richard Theseira RMAF (Rtd) at Institut Jantung Negara. The MACVs are fellow RMAF comrades who took time off to visit their colleagues to cheer them up and wish them well. VP RMAF LAC Joe Pie Chong Seng RMAF (Rtd) was present and presented a Get Well Ang Pow to both. Kudos to all who have made the effort. It is one of MACVA objectives to render assistance and support to its Veteran members who are in dire need of help and we pray for their speedy recovery.

8 Apr 18
"F/Sgt Richard Theseira RMAF (Rtd) left us peacefully at home in Taman Perwira, Simpang Ampat, Bukit Mertajam on 5 Apr 18. His funeral mass was held at St Anne Church, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang on 7 Apr 18. He was honoured a dignified military send off by fellow MACVs, Veterans and Comrades who were present to pay their last respect to their departed comrade."

L to R:Lt Col Fabian Wong Boon Soon (Rtd), 2nd Lt Fu Chee Ming (Rtd) PGB, Lt Col John Lai Kim Chee (Rtd), Maj Foo Ah Cheng (Rtd), Lt Col Dunging Anak Serit and 2nd Lt Ambrose Yap Yin Sin (Rtd).

MACVs Welfare Visit
13 Mar 18
MACVs visited 2nd Lt Ambrose Yap Yin Sin (Rtd) at Dr Kenneth Nursing Home, Kuching recently. He is recovering from a stroke that he had suffered. The MACVs comprises of Kuching Chapter members who visit their comrade in arm to cheer him up and wish him well. Pengarah JHEV Sarawak, Lt Col Dunging Anak Serit was also present to show his support. This small gesture shows great camaraderie and comradeship among fellow MACVs. Kudos to all who have made the effort. It is one of MACVA objectives to render assistance and support to its Veteran members who are in dire need of help and we pray for his speedy recovery.

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