Circular shape denotes our wholeness and unity upheld by all Malaysian Chinese Veterans (MACVs). Emblem denotes a military shield for the defence of King and Country at all times. Promotes comradeship amongst all Armed Forces Veterans Associations.

Jalur Gemilang (National Flag)
Denotes the "Sacred Pride of the Nation" of which all Malaysians hold dearly to their hearts. Represents the Sovereignty of Malaysia which MACVA will always uphold and defend with selflessness. Represents veterans honour to "King and Country".

Word "MACVA"
Represents a united and loyal Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA). To provide continual support and serve as a resource to the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Word "Veterans"
Denotes the sacrifices and contributions of MACVs in the defence of Malaya and Malaysia. Denotes the continual contribution to nation building. Our pledge to continue to serve the Nation in eternity.

Word "A Credible Voice"
Denotes MACVA is a united and loyal veterans association driven with 5 Core Values:
a. Integrity.
b. Passion.
c. Esprit de Corps.
d. Right positive attitude.
e. Total commitment.

Denotes MACVs continual and unquestionable loyalty and love for King and Country.

Saluting figures
Depicts male and female veterans saluting the Jalur Gemilang as true blue patriots of the nation. Service to the Nation irrespective of gender.

Word "Honour King Country"
Denotes MACVs continual sacrifice and service with honour to King and Country without fear or favour. Represents the Pride and Honour of each individual MACVs.

Colours Red, Blue, Yellow and White
Red - represents Malaysian Armed Forces, it's brave and gallant effort in the defence of the Nation.
Blue - represents a peaceful co-existence and fairness to all Malaysians irrespective of colour or creed as entrenched in our Constitution.
Yellow - denotes DYMM YDP Agong as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Head of State and also supremacy of the Constitution.
White - denotes purity, integrity, loyalty and sincerity of MACVA and all its members in all activities.



辉煌条纹 (马来西亚国旗)

“MACVA” 字眼

“Veterans” 字眼

“A Credible Voice” 字眼
a. 诚信。
b. 热诚。
c. 团队精神。
d. 正面态度。
e. 参与感。



“荣耀 元首 国家” 字眼

红 - 代表马来西亚陆军,勇敢及无私的捍卫国家。
蓝 - 代表和平共存及根据宪法公正的对待各种族马来西亚人民。
黄 - 代表最高元首乃武装部队的最高司令,国家最高领导人及其地位在宪法上的崇高。
白 - 表示华裔退伍老兵以纯真,诚信,忠诚及恳切的态度来对待其各项活动。