Second Lieutenant David Fu Chee Ming (Rtd) PGB
With fellow Royal Rangers PGB’s recipients and Brig Gen Toh Choon Siang at Malaysia Armed Forces 84th Anniversary Parade in Sungai Besi Camp.

MACVA Tribute To A War Hero - Second Lieutenant David Fu Chee Ming (Rtd) PGB

Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) would like to pay tribute to one of its hero's; Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) David Fu Chee Ming (Rtd) PGB. Together with his fellow recipients and other honour award holders who have passed on, 2nd Lt David Fu (Rtd) PGB belongs to a rare breed of soldiers who have faced and eliminated the country enemy when called upon.

Joining the Army
David was born on the 24th of May, 1945 in Sibu, Sarawak. He came from a large family of ten siblings and was the third eldest child. His father worked as a technician with the Land and Survey Department in Sibu. He studied at the Methodist School of Sibu and obtained his GCE in 1963. His first occupation was with the Agricultural Department in Bintulu. His passion to visit other parts of the country see him joining the Army as he would have the opportunity to travel throughout Malaysia.

On 28th July 1967, he became a Cadet at Royal Military College, Sungei Besi and joined the Short Service Commission Intake 12. He was commissioned on the 24th of February, 1968 upon completion of training and was assigned to the Royal Rangers Regiment. He was posted to the 3rd Battalion Rangers as a Second Lieutenant and was stationed at Kuala Kubu Baru.

6th Battalion Royal Rangers
The Battalion was formed at Terendak Camp, Melaka on the 1st of January, 1970 with combination units from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Battalion Rangers and the Royal Malay Regiment. 2nd Lt David Fu (Rtd) was one of the Officers selected to form 6th Battalion Rangers.

The battalion was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Mansor bin Mohamed Yunus (Rtd) and was deployed for operations in April 1970, three months after its formations. The unit moved into Pelam Estate in Kulim, Kedah which was in the operational area of 6th Infantry Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Mohd Usof bin Abu Bakar (Rtd).

An operation was launched to block the infiltration of the Communist Terrorists from Thailand into Peninsular Malaysia. The Officer in Charge (OC) of Charlie Company, Major Ismail bin Salleh (Rtd) who retired as a Colonel was assigned the tasks of conducting patrols and ambushes in an area where the infiltration was suspected to take place. Charlie Company did not encounter any enemy and were redeployed by air to Kroh and subsequently to Kelian Intan in Perak.

Ambush at Tanah Hitam, Kelian Intan
The Special Branch had secured information that a Communist Unit of 60 men would be would be moving through Tanah Hitam, south of Kelian Intan on to Grik. The enemy mission was believed to be an attack on the Grik Police Station.

Charlie Company with a complement of 3 Officers and 94 Other Ranks was deployed into Tanah Hitam on the 23rd of August, 1970. The Company was ordered to conduct ambushes on all the likely routes of infiltration identified by the Special Branch. Charlie Company was split into three groups, with Company Headquarters and 9th Platoon forming the Centre blocking force led by OC Maj Ismail bin Salleh (Rtd), 7th Platoon commanded by 2nd Lt Amar Kumar Chaudurry to the right; and 8th Platoon commanded by 2nd Lt David Fu (Rtd) to the left.

Maj Ismail bin Salleh (Rtd) and members of the Special Branch took 8th Platoon to their ambush position which was situated on a hill overlooking a track. The location was at the end of a ridge dominating the area.

8th Platoon has 26 men and Lance Corporal Abdullah bin Nawi (Rtd) leading the GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) fire support section with Ranger Abu bin Mat (Rtd) and Rgr Abu Samah (Rtd). The left trench to the GPMG team was occupied by an LMG (Light Machine Gun) team led by Corporal Sundram (Rtd), LCpl Karim bin Sidek (Rtd) and Rgr Sani bin Abdul Rahman (Rtd). On the right was another trench on a steep incline, comprising of Rgr Naim (Rtd) and Rgr Mat Dom bin Hussein (Rtd).

David instructed his men to dig in and made fire trenches facing the track. They were given two days until 25th of August, 1970 to make their position into a well-defended position from which to conduct the ambush. M18A1 Anti-personal Claymore mines were laid facing the probable direction the enemy would approach and he held the M57 firing device.

Belgian FN MAG GPMG 7.62mm mounted on tripod. US M18A1 Claymore mine with the M57 firing deviced and M4 electric blasting cap assembly.

On 27th August 1970, after 4 days in position and past 1500 hours, they heard distant sounds of twigs and bamboo being stepped upon. The sounds were continuous and coming towards their position and they leapt into their fire trenches. After some time a figure was seen observing the area, the figure was the enemy’s leading scout. The enemy halted around 35 yards from the foremost trench and stood right in front of the Claymore mine.

A second enemy scout moved forward to the leading scout, who was carrying two weapons. The third and fourth enemy had stopped in their tracks. Another group who were behind the third and fourth enemy moved forward. After the enemies entered the killing ground, David detonated the Claymore mine followed by GPMG fire towards the enemies.

The battle started at around 1545 hours in the afternoon and both sides exchanged intense fire. The enemy ceased fire at around 1620 hours and could be heard gathering their wounded and their equipment. They continued firing whenever the enemy moved, or whenever they heard the enemy’s voices. David then went into his trench to establish radio communications and reported the situation to his OC Maj Ismail (Rtd).

At around 1720 hours he heard the sounds of loud automatic fire coming from Maj Ismail’s (Rtd) location. The Centre blocking force was firing at the enemies that were heading towards them. There was an intense exchange of fire, after which the enemy withdrew and they saw the body of a dead enemy in front of their location. They remain vigilant in their trenches and open fire when they hear enemy movement or hear enemy voices into the night.

The following morning when a search was conducted in the area, they found 5 dead communist terrorists. From them 3 three automatic weapons with a large amount of ammunitions were seized. 6 backpacks containing enemy’s tools and equipment’s were also found.

Charlie Company remained in that ambush location for another 2 days. They were visited by the Brigade Commander, Officers from other units and Police Officers from the Special Branch. This success was not only meaningful to 6th Battalion Rangers but also to all units that were involved in the operations. With the successful ambush, the Grik Police Station was saved from death and destruction.

For valour in the face of the enemy in the highest traditions of the Ranger Regiments, Major Ismail (Rtd) and his Platoon Commander Second Lieutenant David Fu (Rtd) were conferred the “Pingat Gagah Berani” by the 5th Yang DiPertuan Agung, Al-Marhum Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Badlishah on the 2nd of June, 1971.

Courage And Sacrifice: Malaysian Army Website
“On 27 August 1970, 8 Platoon Company C, 6 Ranger led by 2nd Lt David was part of a group ordered to do an ambush on enemy group that reportedly will come to an identified place. After the enemies entered kill ground, 2nd Lt David detonated claymore mine, followed by GPMG fire burst towards the terrorists. 8 Platoon led by 2nd Lt David managed to kill four terrorists and seized three automatic weapons with a large amount of ammunitions and six backpacks contained containing tools and equipment’s. He was awarded the PGB medal on 2nd June 1971”.

With Chief of Defence Force Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi bin Raja Mohamed Noor.

With wife Brenda Pui Su Ping. With Lt Col Robert Rizal Abdullah (Rtd) PGB.

Second Lieutenant David Fu Chee Ming (Rtd) PGB SN: 200772 retired from the Malaysian Army on 25th of February, 1971 after serving with pride and dedication for 4 years. Despite a short tour, he had shown valour when call upon to face the enemy in defending our beloved Country. To done this as a young Infantry Officer is a great achievement and truly remarkable. David is married to Brenda Pui Su Ping and they currently reside in Tabuan Heights, Kuching.

MACVA is very proud of David achievements and sacrifices for King and Country. A nation war hero, MACVA wishes him good spirit and good health in attending all forthcoming Armed Forces Day and Warriors Day celebrations.

SSC Intake 12 Reunion at Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur on 17th July 2017. David is at the back row standing third from left.
With Brenda at SSC Intake 12 Reunion.

Maj Wong Kwai Yinn (Rtd)

13 Jan 2018

Lt Col Ir Raymond Goh (Rtd) for photos at Malaysia Armed Forces 83th and 84th Anniversary Parade.

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