MACVA CYR Project at SMK Khai Mun, Bentong, Pahang on 9 November 2016

1. The CYR team left for Bentong at 0730 hours in Maj David Chow (Rtd) vehicle. Lt Col Dato’ Martin Kam (Rtd) had to make his own way there separately. A leisurely drive saw us arriving at SMK Khai Mun an hour later.

2. On arrival, we were met by Puan Tan Siew Hoang, teacher in charge of student affairs.

CYR team was met by Puan Tan Siew Hoang CYR team MACVA, the Pricipal and MINDEF team

3. MINDEF Recruiting Team had arrived much earlier and was busy setting up their stalls (tables) at the basketball arena (covered enclosure) to showpiece their stuff. Overall officer in charge was Maj Siti Normiah bt Marzuki from Cawagan Tenaga Kerja (CTK), Bahagian Perkhidmatan Keanggotaan (BPA), Armed Forces HQ.

4. Meanwhile, the Form 3 and Form 4 students were assembled at the basketball arena. Most of them were in their extra co-curriculum uniform ranging from school cadet, scout and girl-guide, red crescent etc. When the signal was given to the show, many of them headed down to the stalls. Small souvenirs were handed out. From our observations, the girls are more enthusiastic as compared to the boys and some were looking confused.

Opening remarks by the principal, Mr Chai Yoon Choi

5. In the meantime, the school principal, Mr Chai Yoon Choi arrived back from his meeting with the District Education Office. Mr Chai was dressed in the uniform of the School Cadet which had a star insignia on his shoulders. Impressive!

6. After the students were told to take their recess break, Mr Chai assembled some teachers in his Ops Room where Lt Col Chua Eng Lye (Rtd) gave a wholesome brief on Youth Training and Development Program. The briefing was well received by the teachers. Follow up actions by the school will be handled thereafter by Lt Col Chua (Rtd).

Short presentation by Lt Col Chua (Rtd) Some of the teachers listening to the presentation

MINDEF Team. L to R. Cikgu Kor, Maj Siti Normiah, Maj Nor Ain

7. When recess was over, all students were assembled into the hall. There, Puan Tan Siew Hoang gave a short outline of the purpose of this combined effort to expose the students to a possible Army career. Then Mr Chai gave his speech, touching that the days when good sons don't join the Army are over. National defence is for every citizen.

8. Then Cikgu Koh Hai San of MTD gave their presentation, using a video clip. The college is now postcoded as Bukit Belimbing. MTD is for boys only with good grades in the Form 3 exams. Boys (Puteras) get a pocket allowance of RM100 per month and other facilities are provided free.

The participants

Cadet Officer Cpl Thomas relating his experience in 3 languages – Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin

9. Next, was the UPNM which was handled by Maj Nor Ain bt Sulaiman. Again a short video was used to highlight activities in the university. She was well supported by Capt Hock and Cadet Cpl Thomas Ngui. Entry into the university is again on strict academic grades determined by the university. The university has many courses leading to the bachelor degrees.

All undergraduates are given a monthly allowance varies from year one until the completion of the programs, and all aspects of education are free. This was emphasized by Cadet Cpl Thomas Ngui. Capt Hock gave the assurance that all graduates are commissioned into the Army, Air Force or Navy, contract for 10 years. He himself has served 7 years but has already obtained his Masters Degree, on Army Scholarship.

10. The final segment was given to the Army College, headed by Maj Ridzwan Abd Majid. Besides the pay and perks which are not far different from the earlier talks, he said there are many trades for the various Corps and Regiments in the Army; from a Private soldier to a Warrant Officer.

Closing remarks by Lt Col Dato’ Martin Kam (Rtd)

11. Lt Col Dato' Martin Kam was asked to sum up the event. Due to time constraints, he was only given a few minutes to talk. As usual, his advice to the students is to work hard, get good results and work towards their goal. He said only in the army, you are provided with free education, free medical, free boarding and messing.

Over and above, a salary is credited into your account every month. On the welfare aspect, you will be well taken care right from the day you join the army until the last day of your life. His parting words; think of life after your service to King and Country.

12. Thereafter a quiz was held and students who answered correctly were given the MACVA Mug.

13. There was a further exchange of gifts between the school and the various components, including MACVA.

14. The day ended with a sumptuous lunch at the cafeteria, hosted by Mr Chai.

macva Event Video Clip

 Report compiled by

 Lt Col Loo Lee Fum (Rtd)
 CYR Project Leader

 10 Nov 16