Lest We Forget

Note: We provide the names and dates of the departed Veterans in accordance to the data in our possession. The list begin from MACVA inception in 2016. Please notify us in respect of inaccuracies in the information provided. Thank You.

Ser Rank and Name (S/N) Birth Passed Away Service/Corp
1.Maj Choo Ah Kiew (Rtd) 15 Nov 19415 Sep 2016ARMY (Logistics)
2.Maj Lim Fung Chong (Rtd) 4 May 194014 Sep 2016ARMY (Logistics)
3.Lt Col Chia Eng Lim (Rtd) 2 Aug 193920 Sep 2016ARMY (Artillery)
4.Maj Michael Chong Boon Tick (Rtd) (S/N 200137) 24 Feb 194014 Oct 2016ARMY (Armoured)
1.Lt Col Francis Chye Loy Fook (Rtd) 18 Sep 193007 Jan 2017ARMY (Logistics)
2.Col Loh Sai Kee (Rtd) 18 Feb 193322 Jan 2017ARMY (Logistics)
3.Brig Gen Dato Raymond Chen Kwee Fong (Rtd) 27 Jul 193429 Jan 2017ARMY (Engineer)
4.Maj Lim Poh San (Rtd) 19495 Mac 2017ARMY (Ranger)
5.Cpl James Ooi Teik Hock RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 702569) 2 Jun 194921 Mar 2017RMAF
6.Maj Leong Kok Chin (Rtd) 18 Sep 194131 Mar 2017ARMY (Services)
7.Maj Yow Kim Hwa @ Yow Kim Wah (Rtd) 23 Sep 193916 Apr 2017ARMY (Signals)
8.Sgt Soon Meng Seong RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 701767) 11 Dec 194617 Apr 2017RMAF
9.Maj Gen Dato Lai Chung Wah (Rtd) (S/N 200005) 26 Nov 193217 Apr 2017ARMY (Armoured)
10.Sgt Yeong Chow Wah RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 702570) 6 Jan 194718 Apr 2017RMAF
11.Lt Col Paul Lee Hai Chooi (Rtd) (S/N 200127) 19 May 193713 Apr 2017ARMY (Services)
12.Capt Teoh Eng Kooi (Rtd) (S/N 200659) 11 Aug 194327 Apr 2017ARMY (Signals)
13.Maj Peter Phang Lai Sing @ Pan Yo Hock (Rtd) (S/N 400866) 24 Nov 19364 May 2017ARMY (Signals)
14.MCPO Jason Chan On Sun RMN (Rtd) (N 807237) 27 Jun 195910 Jul 2017RMN
15.WO 2 Michael Gan Lee Wah (Rtd) 194027 Aug 2017ARMY (Intelligence)
16.WO 2 Cheng Ah Kow RMAF (Rtd) 194311 Oct 2017RMAF
1.Sgt Lim Cheng Ngan (Rtd) (S/N 203803) 13 Oct 194013 Jan 2018ARMY (Armoured)
2.Cdr Foong See Yook RMN (Rtd) (NV 69352) 10 Nov 193114 Feb 2018RMN
3.MCPO Chua Boon Heng RMN (Rtd) (N 805604) 20 May 19542 Mar 2018RMN
4.WO 2 Wong Tuck Moon @ Ong Soo Her RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 701644) 4 Apr 19464 Jun 2018RMAF
5.WO 1 Han Ten Sew @ Han Tien Siew RMN (Rtd) (S/N 801425) 19444 Aug 2018RMN
6.Sgt Chua Kuy Jow RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 705916) 7 Oct 195515 Aug 2018RMAF
7.WO 1 Ooi Siew Wah RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 701385) 3 Jul 194229 Aug 2018RMAF
8.F/Sgt Benny Goh Seng Chye RMAF (Rtd) (S/N 704180) 19528 Sep 2018RMAF
9.Maj William Tan Chek Tong RMAF (Rtd) 194618 Nov 2018RMAF