MACVA Group Photo after Press Conference. WO Patrick Lee Kai Tong RMAF (Rtd) describing the Nuri helicopter shooting incident.

MACVA Press Conference On Speech By Ismail Mina Ahmad
15 Jan 18
Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) has today call a Press Conference in reponse to the speech made by Ismail Mina Ahmad, the chairman of Ummah on 13 January 2018 as reported by Malay Mail Online. The event took place at MACVA office at the Boulevard, Mid Valley City.

The full text of the press statement released during the event are as below:


15 January 2018

Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) salutes our veterans who were awarded the Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB) medal for acts of extreme bravery and valor!

1. Colonel Maurice Lam Shye Choon PGB (deceased)
2. Major Lee Ah Pow (Rtd) PGB
3. Second Lieutenant David Fu Chee Ming (Rtd) PGB
4. Sargeant Choo Woh Soon (Rtd) PGB
5. Sargeant Cheng Eng Chin PGB (deceased)
6. Ranger Mat Isa Bin Hassan PGB (A Chinese from East Malaysia)

MACVA views with grave concern and disappointment the speech made by Ismail Mina Ahmad, the chairman of the Ummah umbrella group for Muslim organisations during the "Konvensyen Kebangkitan Ummah 2018" held at the Malaysia Islamic Centre in Kuala Lumpur on January 13, 2018.

In his speech, as reported by Malay Mail Online, he asserted that ONLY the Malays had resisted the British colonists, Japanese occupiers and battled against Communist insurgents. His reference of the "3 stars" Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) failed to mention that the 10th Regiment Malayan Communist Party (MCP) was predominantly a Malay regiment unit operating in the jungles of Northern Malaysia and Southern Thailand, whose leader was Abdullah CD with followers - his wife Suriani Abdullah, Shamsiah Fakeh, Abu Samah Mohamad Kassim, Rashid Maidin.

Ismail's assertions were factually and historically inaccurate and had belittled the contributions of the Non Malay veterans, specifically the Chinese, Ibans, Indians, Sikhs and many others.

MACVA, with a membership close to a 1000 veterans since its inception on 31 August 2016, and the thousands before us who have passed on, is a true testimony of a large group of Chinese veterans who had serve loyally in military campaigns in the defence of our beloved Malaysia. Needless to say, there were also Chinese veterans who sadly lost their lives and limbs in the defence of the nation; and with pride a number of them had been bestowed bravery awards by the nation.

MACVA calls upon all Malaysians to rebutt these inaccurate and irresponsible assertions made by Ismail Mina Ahmad.

Major Tan Pau Son (Retired)

Maj Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd) and En Azzam Syafiq

Malaysian Digest Interview Maj Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd)
4 Oct 17
En Azzam Syafiq from Malaysian Digest interviewed Maj Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd) recently about his services and sacrifices to the nation while serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces. The meeting took place up at D'Mass Restaurant, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur on the noon of 27 August 2017. MACVA would like to express its sincere gratitude to Malaysian Digest for highlighting the sacrifices of Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans (MACV) for the nation while serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

54 Years After The Formation Of M'sia, An Army Veteran Tells Youth To Not Take Peace For Granted
Malaysian Digest Article
Published on Monday, 18 September 2017 16:43 Written by Azzam Syafiq

Major Patrick (most right, holding the sword) leading his men in march during his RMC days

It has been 54 years since the formation of our beloved country, and we have stood through so many conflicts that challenged the sovereignty of our nation.

From the Indonesian Confrontation in the early days of Malaysia, to the 2013 Lahad Datu invasion by radical Filipino militants, our security forces have risked their lives for the safety of the Malaysian people.

One army veteran, Major Patrick Wong Sing Nang of the Malaysian Chinese Armed Forces Veteran (MACVA), shared with Malaysian Digest the sacrifices he had endured during his 26-year service in the Malaysian military.

“During the early days of Malaysia, when I was a teenager, I saw a lot of Commonwealth forces in my hometown. I was impressed by the foreign soldiers,” said the army veteran who hailed from Sibu, Sarawak.

When he was in Form 5, a recruiting team from the Ministry of Defence came to his hometown and gave a talk on military service as a career choice. Major Patrick wasted no time and made an application to join the army in 1967.

After spending two years in the Royal Military College (RMC), he was assigned to the third battalion of the ranger corps, stationed in Taiping for his first assignment.

Major Patrick Wong Sing Nang

“At the time, Taiping was considered to be the hottest spot for communist threats in Perak and Kedah,” he recalled.

Throughout his experience in fighting the communists, there were two operations that stood out.

“In April 1971, my team mounted an operation called Ops Radak in Kulim. We managed to eliminate seven communist threats (CT), one of my biggest successes.

“However, due to the operation, I had to miss my own wedding dinner,” he said. He was officially married a few days before, but had to sacrifice his memorable wedding dinner to answer his duty for the country.

His other operation in December 1977 was even more unfortunate, as he had to be away from his family during Christmas. On top of that, he had a close encounter with death when fighting the communists.

“I was supposed to have my leave that time. However, due to the solid information provided by the Special Branch and Orang Asli, it was an urgent matter and my leave was cancelled.

“This operation, dubbed Ops Kejut, was planned to attack a communist outpost deep in the jungles of Gopeng.

“We entered the jungle in the night of Christmas, and carried our offensive in the early morning of 26 December, at 5.00 a.m.,” explained Major Patrick.

He was one of the 80 soldiers who participated in the operation. While that may sounds like a lot of soldiers, in the thick of the tropical Malaysian rainforest, the number had no obvious advantage as the thick vegetation limited the soldiers’ visibility.

“We carefully advanced to the enemy’s position. Unfortunately, one of our soldiers stepped on a trip mine, exploding it and exposing our position to the enemy,” he recalled.

The ensuing firefight lasted for three hours. While Major Patrick and his men successfully overrun the enemy’s position, it came with a heavy cost.

Four men, including Major Patrick, were severely injured. The Major was shot in the chest, and the bullet went past his lungs, liver and stuck in his abdomen. The soldier who stepped on the mine was heavily injured as well, from the explosion.

“We immediately radioed in for a helicopter evacuation, and established a ‘winching point’, an area where we cleared the trees around it to provide room for the helicopter to land.

“At 10.00 a.m., the helicopter arrived just in the nick of time to airlift the four of us. We were flown and treated at the Ipoh General Hospital,” he said.

After being treated for 30 days, he continued his service until he was voluntarily discharged in 1993.

He would like the current generations to know that the peace they enjoy today is due to the sacrifices made by soldiers just like him.

“Thanks to the cooperation shown by the police, army, navy, air force, and even the paramilitary, we managed to force the communists to the negotiating table in Hatyai at 1989, signing the peace accord and ending the communist threat.

“We must not take our peace today for granted. All of us must value and appreciate the sacrifices that had been made by our security personnel,” reminded the army veteran.

Major Patrick (left) receiving a visit from his superior during his treatment in Ipoh General Hospital

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SelangorKini Interview Lt Col Wong Ah Jit (Rtd)
10 Oct 17
En Ermizi Muhamad from SelangorKini interviewed MACVA Honorary Secretary Lt Col Wong Ah Jit (Rtd) recently about his services and sacrifices to the nation while serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces. The meeting took place up his apartment at Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur at 12.00 noon on 22 September 2017. MACVA would like to express its sincere gratitude to SelangorKini for highlighting the sacrifices of Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans (MACV) for the nation while serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Kisah tentera Cina pertahan kedaulatan
Tolak Sentimen Kaum Demi Keamanan
Artikal SelangorKini
Oleh ERMIZI MUHAMAD Edisi 6-13 Oktober 2017

Penzahiran rasa cinta terhadap keamanan Negara yang terlahir daripada semangat juang individu tegar mempertahankan negara daripada ancaman musuh. Tanpa mengambil kira perbezaan sentimen warna kulit, kaum, bangsa dan agama, semangat kecintaan terhadap Negara kekal dipertahan utuh.Ia dibuktikan, Leftenan Kolonel Wong Ah Jit (Bersara) dalam usahanya untuk berbakti kepada negara menerusi khidmatnya sebagai Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM).

Menceritakan detik pembabitannya sebagai tentera, anak kelahiran Pangkalan Minyak, BatuTujuh, Melaka, berbangsa Cina itu ada tafsirannya. "Minat terhadap ketenteraan bermula sejak kecil, ketika ayah saya berkhidmat sebagai pembantu pengurus di estet milik bapa saudara.

"Secara kebetulan, estet tempat ayah bekerja itu kawasan pusat latihan ketenteraan Inggeris sekitar tahun 1960 dan waktu itu saya baru berumur 14 tahun. "Daripada situlah saya dapatmelihat bagaimana tentera Inggerisberlatih dan mendorong rasa untuk membabitkan diri dalam dunia ketenteraan," katanya kepada SelangorKini.

Perubahan hidup
Seawal usianya 18 tahun, penghijrahannya ke SungaiUdang, Melaka, menjadi detik terpenting dirinya sebelum terbabit dalam dunia ketenteraan.Secara kebetulan, Sungai Udang juga antara pusat latihan ketenteraan komando yang cukup sinonim dalam kalangan warga tempatan waktu itu. "Saya bertemu dengan seorang pegawai tinggi tentera yang menawarkan saya untuk menyertai tentera ketika itu."Atas dorongannya, akhirnya permohonan saya diterima dan daripada situlah kehidupan saya berubah," katanya.

Beliau berkata, detik itu mengejutkan ibu dan ahli keluarga yang lain terutama keputusan untuk menyertai ketenteraan hadir ketika konfratasi perkauman 16 Mei baru sahaja berakhir. "Saya bangsa Cina pertama yang dipilih untuk diserap sebagai tentera selepas peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 yang menjadi titik kemuncak masalah perpaduan negara, waktu itu," katanya.

Sejurus itu, beliau dihantar mengikuti latihan ketenteraan diPort Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, sebelum melalui proses lanjutan akhir bersama anggota pasukan dan akhirnya memilih berkhidmat dalam unit polis tentera. Ceritanya lagi, walaupun terpaksa bersaing bersama masyarakat Melayu waktu itu, namun iltizam tinggi mendorong beliau untuk terus merealisasikan impiannya.

Komunis tembak kepala
Suatu sudut transisi yang lain, beliau mempunyai kisah dan pengalaman yang masih segar dalam ingatannya ketika berjuanghabis-habisan melawankomunis. "Saya ada seorang kawan berbangsaIndia yang sangat rapat dan akrab. Usianya waktu itu masih muda, namun beliau gi lebih awal. "Beliau ditembak di kepalapada jarak dekat ketika operasi penghapusan komunis dijalankan, di hutan. "Kami cukup terkesan. Namun, pengalaman ini seharusnya mengajar masyarakat Malaysia untuk lebih menghargai keamanan yang kita kecapi kini," katanya.

Baginya kini, saki baki perajurit yang masih ada wajar mendapat pengiktirafan sebaiknya atas jasa dan perjuangan mereka dulu. "Namun, saya sedikit kesal apabila masih ada tanggapan segelintir masyarakat yang seolah- olah melupakan jasa dan pengorbanan golongan ini. "Lebih mendukacitakan, ada yang sekadar mendapat wang bantuan sumbangan yang tidak setimpal walaupun mengalami kecacatan kekal," katanya.

Harum nama negara
Selepas tamat perkhidmatan bersama ketenteraan, beliau tidak hanya berhabis masa, di rumah. Kini, lelaki separuh abad itu terus menyumbang khidmat baktinya kepada negara. Sebaliknya , khidmat bakti beliau diteruskan apabila dipilih menerajui kepimpinan tertinggi pengurusan sukan squash negara. Beliau diamanahkan untuk bertanggungjawab mengetengahkanbakat muda dalam sukan itu. Hasilnya, pemain squash dunia, Nicol Ann David dan AzlanIskandar dilatih sejak kecilsehingga mampu menjulangnama Malaysia, di mata dunia.

Katanya, pemilihan dibuat selepas mengambil kirapembabitannya dalam sukan ketika tempoh perkhidmatan bersama pasukan ketenteraan sebelum ini. "Saya mendapat peluang untuk membantu pengurusan squash Negara di bawah Institut Sukan Negara dan daripada situlah sehabis daya membantu mengembangkan bakat atlet muda yang mampu untuk diketengahkan.

"Dalam tempoh itu, kejayaan manis ketika mengetuai delegasi squash negara dalam Sukan Komanwel dan temasya sukan lain yang menjulang nama atlet muda di bawah seliaan saya, waktu itu. "Ia benar-benar satu pengiktirafan terbaik buat diri saya untuk terus konsisten mengangkat martabat negara daripada aspek yang berbeza walaupun selepas tamat ketenteraan," katanya.

Kini, susuk tubuh ini kekal optimis untuk terus membawa nama Malaysia ke peringkat lebih tinggi. Semangat juang tinggi insan ini wajar dicontohi masyarakat Malaysia untuk negara terus kekal aman dan sejahtera. Baginya, kesejahteraan negara tidak hanya bersandar kepada tugas pimpinan tertinggi negara, tentera atau polis, sebaliknya ia perlu mendapat keterlibatan semua. "Semoga Negara ini kekal aman, bebas daripada korupsi dan mendapat kesejahteraan yang baik daripada semua aspek," katanya. Selamat Hari Pahlawan!

Lt Col Wong Ah Jit (Bersara)

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