Their sacrifices and services to the King and Country

6 Nov 16
With veterans and heroes of the Federation Regiment - seated from left: Sgt Lim Cheng Ngan, Sgt Ho Kim San, WO2 Wong Foh Lim and SSgt Soon Poh Lee.

The smart guy in the No.1 ceremonial dress is Michael Choo, son of late LCpl Choo Kim Yat.. really proud of Michael who wore the pride of his late dad, his service to the King and Country.

The occasion was the get together among the five families to launch their CTB detailing their sacrifices & service to the King & Country as members of the then Recce Corps,now the Amour Regiment.

Salute these veterans who have step forward to tell their stories as sons of this nation we call home.

Click CTB Montage link below to view a coffee table book montage compiled and digital printed by Micheal Choo, tracing the footsteps of his father and mates who served with the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Capt (Dr) Wong Ang Peng.

macva CTB Montage