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AnakAnak Malaysia Walk 2018
4 Sep 18
More than 20 MACVs and wives participated in the AnakAnak Malaysia Walk 2018 on 2 Sep 18 which took place at the Eco Ardence Sales Galleries, Shah Alam. The event was organised by Star Media Group and EcoWorld Development Group Berhad. The theme this year is Jom Ke Hadapan where people from different backgrounds, race, religions, come together and walk as Malaysians. This was MACVA second AnakAnak Malaysia Walk after participated in 2017 and the MACVs gathered as early as 6.30 am together with more than 10,000 people.

They were jointly flagged off at 7.35 am by Selangor Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari and Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister Sivarasa Rasiah, together with Eco World Development Group Bhd chairman Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin. Lady luck smiled on MACV Chin Ping Leong as he won the Grand Prize of a new 1.3 Proton Saga during the Lucky Draw. It was a good outing for the group of MACVs as they mingled and cherish's the fellowship with all Malaysian presents. Kudos to Mike Teoh Chong Kooi for organising and leading MACVA group.

macva MACV Grand Prize Winner

MACVA Participate in AnakAnak Malaysia Walk 2017
27 Aug 17
A total of 16 MACVs and families participated in the AnakAnak Malaysia Walk in conjunction with the upcoming National and Malaysia Day celebration. The event which was organised by Star Media Group and EcoWorld celebrates Malaysia’s diversity and promotes unity and understanding among its people. It took place at Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam.

Kudos to WO 1 Mike Teoh Chong Kooi RMAF (Rtd) for organising and leading MACVA group.
Message from Cpl Ooi Chai Thuan RMAF (Rtd) after the event.
"Dear All Comrades,
The series of pictures you are receiving showed the brief commitment MACVA took part in the event. It was drizzling in the early morning, and all of us turned up an hour before the arrival of HRH Sultan of Selangor. We were in high spirit. The rain stoped then and the best cooling weather awaited all the participants.

While waiting for the announcement to start the walk, we carried the banner around and 'pacak' ourselves on one good spot. Our banner did speak. Many were surprised to see the 'MACVA Veterans' with them. Some asked if our Chinese veterans were many. They obviously did not believe we do have good numbers. Many people not only wanted know about us but interested to take photos with our banner and also congratulated us for having serve the country in 'mempertahankan negara'.

We brought 10kg of sweets and jelly cups. We distributed the sweets and jelly to small children to add to the early excitment of the Merdeka Day. The parents came to know about 'MACVA' then. All of us finished the 5km walk and it was a very good walking excercise. At the finishing point, we talked to a group of senior police officers and they were also pleased to have pictures taken with us.

We had Malaysian famous ex-footballers Dato Soh Chin Ann and Dato Santok Singh with us briefly and in photo session. We had veterans who did not know about MACVA from others and came forward to chit chat with us. We had people who approached us to take photos with our banner in prominent display.

Many more interesting interaction with the other participants we did from the beginning to the end of the AnakAnakWalk. Non of us got the prize of Proton Aris 1.6.

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MACVA Fellowship Golf
25 Aug 17
Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) sucessfully organised its Fellowship Golf at Bangi Golf Resort, Selangor. A total of 32 participants including guests took part in the event to promote fellowship and camaraderie among MACVs from all 3 services. The golfers were divided into Kajang Nine and Putrajaya Nine. Each group consists of 4 flights with 4 golfers. Once the competition begins at 8.00 am, everyone was so engrossed in their game that they did not took notice of the serene and calm atmosphere of Bangi Golf Resort.

After some intense rounds of golfing, the results were as follows:
Main Prizes
1st - Lt Cdr Phua Bok Chuan RMN (Rtd)
2nd - Maj Cheo Yew Hock (Rtd)
3rd - PO Tang KS RMN (Rtd)
4th - CPO Micheal Chen RMN (Rtd)
5th - Capt Larry Low (Rtd)
6th - Lt Lim Woi Hooi RMN (Rtd)
7th - CPO Yeong KS RMN (Rtd)
8th - Maj Cheong Sang (Rtd)
9th - Lt Col David Lam (Rtd)
10th - CPO Daniel How RMN (Rtd)

Nearest To Hole - CPO Anthony Au RMN (Rtd)
Nearest To Line - Maj Peter Yeow (Rtd)

Ball Sweep Kajang Nine
1st - CPO KK Chen RMN (Rtd)
2nd - Maj Lee Kong Kok (Rtd)
3rd - MCPO Chen Tow Yen RMN (Rtd)
4th - Maj David Chow Rtd)

Ball Sweep Putrajaya Nine
1st - Maj Chong Heng (Rtd)
2nd - PO Mike Chew RMN (Rtd)
3rd - Maj Yoon Kok Chuan (Rtd)
4th - Maj Ong You Chai (Rtd)

On hand to give away the prizes and goodies are VP RMN First Admiral Datuk Kay Hai Thuan RMN (Rtd) and VP RMAF LAC Joe Pie Chong Seng RMAF (Rtd). Also seen holding a mic behind the rostrum was Hon Secretary Lt Col Wong Ah Jit (Rtd). Kudos to Organising Chairman Lt Col Chua Eng Lye (Rtd) and his hardworking MACVA Golf Committee for making the event a memorable one. Kudos also to Maj Ong You Chai (Rtd) for taking the fabulous pictures and videoclip besides taking part in the event.

Event Video Clip