MACVA CYR Project – Army Career Talk At Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
(TAR UC) On 30 November 2016

1. The CYR team (Annex A) supported by the MINDEF Recruiting Team (Annex B) conducted an ‘Army Career Talk’ at TAR UC on 30 Nov 16. The program is as at (Annex C). Upon arrival, a few young Wataniah student members welcomed everybody at the car park and led us to Dewan Kuliah E (DKE), TAR UC. Lunch was served shortly in the adjacent room, where we were joined by the TAR UC Board Members (Annex D) led by YBhg Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of the Student Affairs for coffee. In the meantime, the rest of the students were at the MINDEF exhibition corner, outside the hall. The reception and lunch were good and the rapport established between our Protem President and TAR UC President was excellent.

L to R. Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, Corperate Legal Affairs, Lt Col Fabian Wong (Rtd), Deputy President, MACVA, YBhg Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of the Student Affairs, Brig Gen (Dr) Leong Weng Foon (Rtd), Protem President, MACVA, Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd), Maj Dr Oo Pou San (Rtd), Continuing and Professional Education Department Director, Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd), Hon Treasurer, MACVA L to R. Maj Siti Normiah Marzuki, Lt Col Mohamad Noh bin Baim TUDM, Maj Chai Chuan Way (Rtd), Lt Col Carol Loo (Rtd), Mr Moses Ooi Cheng Chai, Ms Kho Sok Kee, Vice President Administration and Facilities Development, Dr Chook Ka Joo, Vice President Student Affairs and Quality Assurance

MINDEF Exhibition Corner

2. The welcoming speech by the President of TAR UC was most encouraging. He understood the purpose of our visit and was willing to cooperate with us and support the mission of recruiting Chinese youths into the Army from his university. He thanked MACVA for initiating this move to encourage more Chinese youths to seek a possible career in the Army. He said the task of defending the country is the responsibility of every citizen and should not be burdened solely on the Security Forces alone. Since the early days, TAR UC has been very supportive and encourage student to join uniform bodies and society activities. Because of this, TAR UC has established the Army Reserve Unit Society as part of the co-curriculum activity for students under the supervision of Department of Student Affairs. It is open to all students at Diploma and Degree level in various fields. He further explained that TAR UC Army Reserve Unit begins in 1997 with recruitment of 20 students by Rej 515 Askar Wataniah.

Opening speech by YBhg Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of the Student Affairs

The change of leadership in Rej 515 Askar Wataniah and recruitment focusing particularly to the public and UIAM students; affected the recruitment in TAR UC. In 2013, Askar Wataniah in TAR UC made a comeback with only 5 students but gradually increasing to 25 in 2014, last year the number has risen to 65 and this year to a total of 100 students. Out of which, 67 has completed the ‘Kursus Asas Prajurit Muda Sukarela (APMS). Four students have completed Kursus KADAR and were given the rank of LCpl last September. The President said this has proven that the youngsters today particularly in the Chinese community are starting to show interest and realized the existence and activities of this Society which were considered low before. The President thanked MACVA for coming out with the idea of doing this program and willing to share experiences and knowledge to his students on being better leaders, and to instill patriotism and determination todefence the sovereignty of our beloved homeland.

Not forgetting to thank MINDEF for their continuous support and cooperation to initiate this type of program towards promoting and giving awareness to the students on the importance of the Armed Forces duties in the preservation of peace and stability of the country. Furthermore, this will give students a clearer picture of the possible career pathways. The last words of the President of TAR UC were; he would arrange for more students, besides the Watniah student-soldiers, to attend the next presentation which was very encouraging.

3. Brig Gen (Dr) Leong Weng Foon (Rtd), in his capacity as MACVA Protem President, briefly introduced himself and thanked TAR UC for the opportunity to talk to the students of the Wataniah Company. He also thanked MINDEF for their efforts in this project. He then gave a brief history of MACVA since her inception in March 2016. Followed by the passage of the Chief of Army, Gen Tan Sri Raja Mohammad Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor’s Handling Over MACVA Certificate Ceremony opening speech, on 19 Sep 16......

“I recognize that, as Malaysian Army Chinese Veterans, you have once served our King and Country with pride, honour, and with full patriotism. The peace that we have had, or the nation enjoys today is in no small way rested on many of your shoulders. The successes we have had are testimonials of your contributions, your sacrifices, your resolves, towards the assistance of our beloved country. It is one of no small deeds and feats, and as the record shows, it is a job extremely well done. For that, on behalf of those serving men and women of the Malaysian Army, I wish to record our gratitude and thanks. Thank you so much, to the MACVA veterans, and also to their families”.

“I am in the opinion that your loyalty to King and Country is absolute. I am equally grateful, and equally proud of that.”

“Your knowledge, skills and experiences, acquired during and after the military service plus a common resolve to serve our King and Country again; will no doubt ensure that MACVA will lead and show the way for a better society, and play a significant role to help unite all Malaysians”.

MACVA Protem President delivering his opening speech

4. Lt Col Mohamad Noh bin Baim TUDM, Staff Officer Grade 1, of Tenaga Kerja B, MINDEF gave his opening speech prior to the Army Career Talk. He also touched on the training for the Graduate Officer Cadet’s 9 months course, the various disciplines, the entry academic requirements, and the health/physical fitness criteria. Advertisements for selection are often announced in the media and local main steam newspapers. All applications are online.

5. Maj Siti Normiah bte Marzuki, gave a detailed presentation on the Army Career right from the selection criteria until commissioning as an officer. Talking about the pay structure and time scale progress promotion, she effectively engaged the students to liven up their spirits.

6. Her presentation was concluded with Capt Lim Yew Hock, from the Royal Armored Corps and Maj Ir Neo TUDM, from the RMAF Engineering Division, talking about their career paths after graduating from ATMA and UPNM respectively. The strict CGPA points for entry into the Engineering Course must be taken seriously.

7. The session ended with the three speakers from MACVA. Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd), from the Royal Ordnance Corps, spoke on his ‘Exciting Experience In The Army’, while Maj Anthony Yeap (Rtd), from the Royal Service Corps and Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd), from the Royal Armored Corps spoke on ‘How My Army Experience Helped Me After The Army Career’.

Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd)

8. Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd), an Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO), was trained in the United Kingdom. He gave a good and effective description on the disposal of unexploded bombs; booby traps other than improvised explosive devices (IED). It was often without glamour but highly dangerous. More so in those days, no proper protective gears were given. Rely mainly on own improvisation. One often has no time to think of what if; but just do it. He was emotional when he told that the greatest hero in his life, was his wife.

Maj Anthony Yeap (Rtd)

9. Maj Anthony Yeap (Rtd), a younger Veteran at only 39, he could be classified as a millionaire. He graduated from ATMA in Computer Engineering. He presented his career path during his term with the army and subsequently how he make use of the skills gathered and applied it to the corporate world.

Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd)

10. Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd), the last speaker, said that his only qualification is a Form 5 certificate. He joined the Army for the adventure and the opportunity for overseas training. The Army has groomed and equipped him to be an officer and a gentleman. He left the army after having served for 20 years, and has established his defence related business.

11. During the closing remarks, the President thanked everyone for making the talk possible. And hope that MACVA would be invited again to speak to TAR UC, with his personal style and touch and made it - A Credible Voice !

12. The program ended with the exchanged of gifts amongst the VIPs.

Presenting MACVA souvenir to the President of TAR UC

Presenting MACVA souvenir to Brig Gen Suriakala a/p Suriabagavanm, Director of the Work Force Branch, Personal Services Division
Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd) receiving souvenir from TAR UC President Maj Anthony Yeap (Rtd) receiving souvenir from TAR UC President
Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd) receiving souvenir from TAR UC President

13. The highlights of the presentation are focused on the three MACVA’s speakers. Maj Anthony Yeap's presentation on "How My Army Experience Helped Me After The Army Career" was aptly and professionally executed. All the TAR UC students were truly "fired up" and impressed. They could easily have moved all TAR UC Board Members and students alike to join the army. Their comment "Thank you very much for an inspiring and very educational presentation" said it all. One gentleman staff said to a younger lady staff, "Like that, you can join the Army", reflecting how convinced they were of the afternoon presentations. One student just could not help but wanted to know more of the heroic stories while some others were keen to know more on how to apply to be a pilot.

Getting firsthand information from the Director of the Work Force Branch More information from a serving Officer

Students with Brig Gen Suriakala a/p Suriabagavan Board Members of TAR UC
Group photograph of event

macva Event Video Clip

Report compiled by

Lt Col Loo Lee Fum (Rtd)
CYR Project Leader

3 Dec 16

1. Brig Gen (Dr) Leong Weng Foon (Rtd) - Protem President.
2. Lt Col Fabian Wong Boon Soon (Rtd) - Deputy President.
3. Lt Col Carol Loo Lee Fum (Rtd) - TAR UC CYR Project Leader.
4. Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd) - MACVA Speaker.
5. Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd) - MACVA Speaker.
6. Maj Anthony Yeap (Rtd) - MACVA Speaker.
7. Maj David Chow (Rtd) - CYR Project Member.
8. Maj Ong You Chai (Rtd) - CYR Project Member.
9. Capt Chai Chuan Way (Rtd) - CYR Project Member.

1. Brig Gen Suriakala a/p Suriabagavan - Director of the Work Force Branch, Personnel Services Division.
2. Lt Col Mohamad Noh bin Baim TUDM - Staff Officer Grade 1 Tenaga Kerja B.
3. Maj Siti Normiah bte Marzuki - Staff Officer Grade 2 Tenaga Kerja B.
4. Capt Lim Yew Hock - Armored Directorate, MINDEF.
5. Maj Ir Neo TUDM - RMAF Engineering Division.

1230 - Arrival of MACVA, MINDEF team and TAR UC Board Members - Lunch.
1.00 - Welcoming speech by President, TAR UC.
1.10 - Opening speech by Protem President, MACVA.
1.20 - Opening speech by MINDEF Team - Army Career presentation.
2.20 - ‘Exciting Experience’ by Maj Chin Chee Foo (Rtd).
   - ‘What The Army Has Helped Me After The Army Career’ by Maj Anthony Yeap (Rtd) and
   Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd).
   - Q & A session
2.55 - Closing remarks by Protem President, MACVA.
   - Gifts presentation.
3.00 - Program ends.

1. YBhg Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok - TAR UC President.
2. Ms Kho Sok Kee - Vice President, Administration and Facilities Development.
3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Swee Chin - Vice President Academic and Research.
4. Assoc. Prof. Say Sok Kwan - Vice President Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
5. Dr Chook Ka Joo - Vice President Student Affairs and Quality Assurance.
6. Mr Lee Hwee Chuin - Legal Advisor Corporate Legal Affairs.
7. Ms Ooi Shu Luan - Registrar.
8. Mr Moses Ooi Cheng Chye - Bursar.
9. Mr Ung Thean Lim - Director, Department of Sudent Affairs.
10. Mr Tan Seng Seng - Deputy Director, Department of Student Affairs.
11. Dr Oo Pou San - Director, Continuing and Professional Education Department.