Major Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd)
Major Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd).

MACVA Tribute To Major Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd)

Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) would like to pay tribute to one of its hero's; Major (Maj) Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd). In conjunction with the Malaysian Armed Forces Veteran Gathering event on 31 July 2017, RTM interviewed him and Brig Gen Dr Leong Weng Foon (Rtd) at Wisma TV, Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur on 28 July 2017. Together with Veterans who have served King and Country, their interviews were broadcast by RTM respectively on 29 July and 30 July 2017.

RTM Interview at Wisma TV, Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur.

His expressed statement during the interview:
“I hope that Malaysian will not forget Veterans of the Malaysian Armed Forces because the peace that Malaysia has today are due to their past sacrifices; especially during the First and Second Malaysian Emergency; which enable our Country to enjoy our independence until today.”

With MACVs, JHEV and MINDEF Officers at Wisma TV, Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur. 28 July 2017.

Patrick had being involved in a series of Operations that have made contact with the enemies. Among them were Operation Radak in Kulim, Kedah; the Lundu incidents in Sarawak and Operation Tanduk in Gopeng, Perak.

Captain Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd) was a Company Commander of 8th Ranger Battalion based at Syed Putra Camp, Ipoh. He was shot in the chest during a firefight with the enemies in Ops Tanduk on December 1977 in Gopeng, Perak. Three other men were also severely injured including one soldier who stepped on an enemy booby trap.

Despite being severely injured, Patrick never lost his command and continues to give direction. Request for helicopter evacuation was immediately made and a ‘winching point’ was established. He ordered three of his wounded men be evacuated first, leaving himself last to be airlifted out putting the safety and lives of his men above his.

On arrival at Ipoh General Hopsital, X-Ray results showed that he had a lacerated liver, punctured lungs and diaphragm with a bullet lodged in his abdomen. He could not breathe properly as his lung was flooded with his own blood. An operation was immediately performed to save him. He survived the ordeal and recovered a month later.

Visit by Chief of Army Gen Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ghazali Dato' Mohd Seth at Ipoh General Hospital.

For his bravery and distinguish service in defending the nation against its enemy in the finest traditions of the Ranger Regiment during the incident, he was conferred the “Kepujian Perutusan Keberanian” (KPK) on the 15th of September, 1979.

Kepujian Perutusan Keberanian

Founded by the 2nd Yang DiPertuan Agong, Al-Marhum Tuanku Hisamuddin Alam Shah Al-Haj as an award for operational gallantry. The award is given to all ranks for an act or acts of bravery during active operations not amounting to being awarded a medal. It can be awarded more than once and can also be conferred posthumously. The award in the form of a bronze "laurel" can be worn over other ribbon award. The award was created on 29 July 1960 and was formally gazetted by an Act of Parliament on 11 August 1960.

The Perak State Government awarded him the “Perwira Taming Sari” (PTS) which belongs to "The Most Valliant Order of Taming Sari." It was founded by Al-Marhum Sultan Idris Shah II in 1977 for Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Police personnel as an award for act of bravery and valour. The award have been discontinued in 1989 and under the Undang-Undang Darjah Kebesaran Negeri Perak, all previous Honour award holders can still continue to enjoy the privileges that are bestowed together with the individual awards.

Receiving PTS award from Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, 1987.

Joining the Army

Cadet Patrick Wong (most right, with sword) leading his detachment in drill practice during his RMC days.

Patrick was born on the 18th of March, 1947 in Sibu, Sarawak. He had early Chinese Primary education and did his Senior Cambridge in 1966. During an interview with Malaysian Digest at Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur on 27 August 2017, he relates that:

“During the early days of Malaysia, when I was a teenager, I saw a lot of Commonwealth forces in my hometown. I was impressed by the foreign soldiers.”

In 1966, a recruiting team from the Ministry of Defence came to his hometown and gave a talk on military service as a career choice. Patrick wasted no time and made an application to join the Army the following year.

He began Cadet Training at Royal Military College, Sungai Besi on 6 May 1967 and joined Regular Intake 11. Upon commissioning on 12 April 1969, Second Lieutenant Patrick Wong was assigned to the 3rd Ranger Battalion and stationed in Taiping.

Patrick recalled, “At the time, Taiping was considered to be the hottest spot for communist threats in Perak and Kedah”.

Serving the Nation

With Lt Col Robert Rizal Abdullah (Rtd) PGB, then a 2nd Lieutenant. Source:

From Apr 1969 to May 1977, he conducted and participated in operations against Communist Terrorists both in Sarawak and Semenanjung Malaysia serving with 3th Ranger Battalion. In December 1977, as a Company Commander of 8th Ranger Battalion, he was severely wounded along with 3 soldiers during enemy’s firefight in Ops Tanduk. He was subsequently medically boarded due to serious injury.

He had held various staff appointments including’s Staff Officer (G2) Housing and Staff Officer (G2) Welfare at Ministry of Defence. He also served as Staff Officer (G2) Operations and Staff Officer (G2) Admin & Log at HQ 11 Infantry Brigade. He obtained a Diploma in Management at National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) in 1979 and attended Armed Forces Staff College in 1982. His last appointment prior to retirement was the General Manager of Armed Forces Officer Mess, Ministry of Defence.

Maj Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd)

Maj Patrick Wong (Rtd), second from right speaking with Chief of Defence Force Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi bin Raja Mohamed Noor, then Chief of Army. The event was the Handing Over of MACVA Certificate of Registration Ceremony held at the Army Officer Mess, Sungai Besi Camp. 19 Sep 16.

With Protem President Brig Gen Dr Leong Weng Foon (Rtd) at Flamingo Hotel, Kuala Lumpur during MACVA Vision Seminar. 20 Aug 16. In “Anak Anak Malaysia” Star TV Documentary on MACVA Veterans Sacrifices in conjunction with 2016 Merdeka Celebrations.

Major Patrick Wong Sing Nang (Rtd) SN: 200741 retired from the Malaysian Army on 2nd of February, 1993 after serving for 26 years with pride and dedication. He is blessed with 2 daughters from his marriage and currently resides in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

MACVA is very proud of his achievements and sacrifices for King and Country and wishes him good spirit and health in enjoying his well deserves retirement.

With En Azzam Syafiq. Malaysian Digest interview. 27 Aug 2017.

Maj Wong Kwai Yinn (Rtd)

28 Jan 18

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