MACVs Welfare Visit
16 Nov 23
Today, 11 Nov 2023, the President of MACVA Dato' Lee, VP Army, Carol Loo, Hon Treasurer, Mary Koh and some of the members comprising John Soon, Tien Sen An, Ooi Chai Thuan, Lim Wai Fah, William Tee, Lai Choo, Thomas Lee, Koay Ming Hock and Loh Ham Choon met brother Patrick Lee and wife over BKT lunch in Klang to wish him well before undergoing further medical treatment at Selayang Hospital on 14 Nov 23. We pray for his successful recovery.

MACVA Attend Remembrance Day Service At Taiping War Cemetery
12 Nov 23

MACVA attended the Remembrance Day Memorial Service this morning at Taiping War Cemetery organised by the British High Commission.

Discussion Between MACVA Central Committee with The Northern Chapter (NC) Members

On Tuesday, 7 Nov 23, a round table discussion between the MACVA President & team and the NC members was held at Berjaya Hotel, Jalan Burma, Penang.

Among the members present from both sides were:
President Dato' Lee, VP Army, Carol Loo, VP RMAF, John Phoon and Hon Treasurer, Mary Koh.
The NC Members
Ng Chor Huat, Lawrence Foo, Mok Keng Yee, Na Weng Kooi, Brandon Lee, BJ Khoo and Dato' Lee Hock Sun.

The aim of the discussion was focus on whether the NC members would like to resume the role by providing assistance and services to our members in the Northern Region covering Penang Island, Butterworth, Bkt Mertajam, Kulim, Sg Petani, right up to Alor Setar and Langkawi Island.

However, after almost three hours of round table discussion, the NC members who are still very passionate for the cause of the welfare of our members in the Northern Region has unaminously agreed to accept the role and continue to provide their noble services to our unfortunate members. We salute the team for their commitment, compassion, time and volunteerism.

The New line-up of the NC Chapter by zone effective 7 Nov 23 are as follow:
1. Chairman - Ng Chor Huat Tel. 0124338066
2. Zone Alor Setar/Perlis - Pung Hung Seng. Tel. 0194417133
3. Zone Sg Petani - Na Weng Kooi. Tel. 0189666215
4. Zone Butterworth - Lawrence Foo. Tel. 0164322307
5. Zone Bkt Mertajam - Lim Khoon Hing. Tel. 0164597050
6. Zone Pulau Langkawi - Goh Hiang Aun. Tel. 0124801926
7. Zone Penang Island - Chan Kim Lim. Tel. 0184098508

Congratulations to the NC Chapter Chairman and his Zone Welfare Chairmen for your volunteerism and accepting not only unthankless but challenging task ahead and keep the MACVA Flag flying high.

A letter of appointment was immediately prepared, signed by the President and hand over to the NC Chapter Chairman, brother Ng Chor Huat.

Report by
VP Army
11 Nov 23


Maj Gen Zambery Jefry Bin Hj Darus – Ketua Pengarah
Lt Col Azwadi Bin Jamian – Ketua Pegawai Operasi Yayasan Veteran ATM
Puan Mahani Binti Aliasak - Pengarah Bahagian Dasar r> Puan Nalini A/P Moorty - Pengarah Bahagian Kebajikan Maj Muhaizam Bin Mustapa Delmi - Penolong Pengarah 3, Bahagian Dasar

Dato’ Lee Kwang Lock RMN - President
Carol Loo Lee Fum – VP Army
John Phoon Khai Meng – VP RMAF
Phua Hean Sim – Deputy President RMNOA
Tony Ho Weng Kong – Hon Secretary
Mary Koh – Hon Treasurer

1. The meeting which was scheduled for 1100H started an hour later due to Ketua Pengarah JHEV’s prior engagement that ends late. However, we were served with coffee and local delicacies while waiting at their conference room.

2. The meeting started with the following main queries from MACVA.

a. Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) – RM300 monthly. Why is it that some received, and some did not?

Answer: Ketua Pengarah JHEV delivers the following points:
(1) Only legitimate Veterans are entitled. Those ex-soldiers that left the service with bad records etc. are not entitled as they are not Veterans.

(2) Based on JHEV records there are 41,970 veterans above 60 years old.

(3) There are 3000 veterans above 80 years old, and these list, no need to apply and will be automatically processed and if eligible (LAYAK) they will continue to receive BSH every month.

(4) JKM, EPU and MOF criteria for approval, veterans’ total monthly income not more than rm1169. MOF letter says that the current criteria used for payment of BSH must be used to process payment. Further checking from SSM will also be used to vet eligibility of veterans that qualify for BSH.

(5) All veterans above 60 years old must update their details either ONLINE at Vibes 2.0 or go physically at JHEV counter to update. This process must be repeated every three years.

(6) Some veterans that is eligible still did not receive the money because their bank details are not updated. There are 2300 veterans bank records are not correct therefore JHEV are unable to process payment.

(7) Allocation for 2023 are meant to be spent for 2023. For year 2024 new allocation will be given by MOF. Therefore, only when JHEV received this fund they will process and make payment. For 2023 amount of 50 million per month for the next 4 months have been allocated and approved for payment till Dec 2023.

(8) A formal request or appeal has been made by JHEV to abolish all ‘Syarat’ so that those above 60 years old (41,970 veterans) will automatically receive rm300 monthly. These Ketua Pengarah JHEV reiterated that we need to wait for reply from MOF. And he has also suggested a new name be given for this allocation instead of BSH.

(9) All BSH payment will be paid Mid-month. So, veterans may check their account every middle of the month for BSH payment.

b. Dana Persatuan. Hon Sec enquired when we will receive our annual entitlement from JHEV. And President also requests that JHEV consider giving the amount to all association based on the activities being carried out by each association yearly.

Answer: The payment of RM7000 for MACVA is being processed. (Payment received on 26 Oct 2023). RM7000 given is based on the number of members, MACVA have. (999-2000 members = 7000) Any additional amount for welfare activities, MACVA may request separately, with justification, and JHEV will consider them. There is a new proposal in the pipeline that rm10.00 will be paid per member each association have, provided these members only belongs to one association. If that member is a member of three associations, then this amount will be divided into three.

c. Hari Pahlawan Matching Grant. MACVA president also enquired on the matching grant on Hari Pahlawan donation drives which was previously done last being the year 2020.

Answer: Ketua Pengarah JHEV explained that the previous year’s Hari Pahlawan funds were sourced by JHEV from cooperate sponsors. JHEV has decided that these matching grants be abolished. However, associations may run their own Hari Pahlawan 2023 donation drive valid from 1 Aug 2023 to 31 Jul 2024. Every RM 100,000 funds collected parked to JHEV bank account will receive 15% add-ons when funds are returned to association account.

d. PJM recipients. MACVA made a special request to collect on members behalf the medals and certificates, for those who are unable to be physically present to receive them due to ill health.

Answer: Ketua Pengarah JHEV has given permission for MACVA to submit the list of PJM recipients who are unable to do so. It’s been decided that these lists be given to JHEV and MACVA will then be given the honor to present these PJM medals and certificate on JHEV behalf.

e. Other Matters Raised by VP RMAF

(1) Capt Chaw Meng – Served 20 years 7 months – non pensionable status. Why?
It has since been concluded that Capt Chaw Meng contract is short commissioned, and he has received gratuity therefore not entitled to pension.
(2) Airwoman Chow Oy Chan Case:
Her niece will get doctors certification to get her an OKU status. After which she may apply for social welfare, BSH from JHEV.

f. MEMOIR 1 – Two copies of MEMOIR 1 was presented by MACVA President to Ketua Pengarah JHEV. Ketua Pengarah JHEV request to purchase 50 MOVs at 50% discount.

Answer: It has been agreed to sell MOV1 to JHEV for RM25.00 per book. It will be given out to all MVK members at the MVK meeting on Thursday 26 Oct 2023. 50 books were delivered on 23 Oct 2023. Payment of RM1250.00 received on Mon 23 Oct 2023.

3. Meeting adjourned at 1415H.

Mary Koh
Hon Treasurer

MACVs Welfare Visit
15 Nov 23
On 8 Nov 23, MACVA President, VP Army and Hon Treasurer before leaving Penang for KL, visited Cdr Charles Thong and wife, Jenny at their home. They were so glad and welcomed us with open arms. As usual signing the Guest Book for all visitors is a must regardless who. Cdr Charles and Jenny are looking good despite Charles is facing some health issue. A group photo was taken before we depart for KL.

MACVs Welfare Visit
15 Nov 23
On 7 Nov 23, after a successful round table discussion with some of the members from the Northern chapter, MACVA President, VP Army and Hon Treasurer visited Lt Cdr Dato' Thyagarajah and Datin at their home at Farlim Garden. They were so happy to see us. Despite a short notice given, we were all treated with tea and nyonya kuih, cake and muruku. Thank you to Dato' & Datin for the hospitality and wishing them Happy Deepavali.