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Hj Mohamad Arbe cutting his birthday cake.

Hj Mohamad Arbe Diamond Jubilee Birthday

MACVA Associate Member Sgt Mohamad Arbe bin Idris RMAF (Rtd) celebrated his 75 years Diamond Jubilee Birthday on 17 Nov 18. MACVA made it a very special occasion for him as a total of 96 MACVs and wives attended his birthday celebration held at his home at Kg Subang, Shah Alam. He was presented with a birthday cake and a large birthday card prepared by Mike Teoh and Vincent Lo. The large birthday card were signed by all MACVs attending the celebration. Also present to celebrate the occassion were VP RMAF Joe Pie Chong Seng, Brig Gen Dato' Goh Seng Toh RMAF (Rtd) and First Admiral Datuk Kay Hai Thuan RMN (Rtd).

Brig Gen Dato Goh Seng Toh RMAF (Rtd) presenting Hj Mohamad Arbe with memento plaque.
Ooi Chai Thuan presenting Hj Mohamad Arbe with the signed birthday card.

Hj Mohamad Arbe had been kindly inviting his Veterans RMAF colleagues to his home for special "Nasi Lemak" for the last 2 years during his birthday and this year they returned the favour by turning up in force. It was truly and indeed a Malaysian event where a total of 96 Chinese buddies and wives came together to celebrate the birthday of a Malay colleague. During the celebration, a 'Birthday Gift' free will round was carried out where a total of RM1260.00 was collected. Brig Gen Dato' Goh Seng Toh RMAF (Rtd) presented Hj Mohamad Arbe with the 'Birthday Gift' collection and a memento plaque for the occasion. Ooi Chai Thuan presented him with the signed Birthday Card.

MACVs and wives present on this special occasion were clearly enjoying the special main dish of Hj Mohamad Arbe "Nasi Lemak", "Satay" and other delicious "Kuih-Muih" that were being served.

Serving of delicious "Nasi Lemak" and "Kuih-Muih".
MACVs enjoying "Satay" with its savoury peanut sauce.

During the celebration, three new MACVs below signed up as MACVA Associate Member.

Hj Mohamad Arbe presenting MACVA goodies bag to Lt Col Nazri Aziz RMAF (Rtd).
Lim Wai Fah presenting MACVA goodies bag to Sgt Gengadran RMAF (Rtd).
Hj Mohamad Arbe Arbe presenting MACVA goodies bag to Cpl Atchu Narayanan RMAF (Rtd).
VP RMAF Joe Pie with Hj Mohamad Arbe displaying his memento plaque & Lim AB.

MACVs group photo's.

Standing L to R:Mike Teoh, Peter S’ng, Tee KC, Ooi CT, Loh HC, Kumaran, Tan HS, Leong YP, Ong JK, Hoo YM, David Tay AL, Lim WF, Atchu Narayanan & Yeo AY. Seated L to R:Chia KF, Yong WO, First Adm Datuk Kay Hai Thuan RMN (Rtd), Hj Mohamad Arbe, Wong Wah, CheongWF(back) & Alton Lee KP.

Standing L to R:Ong JK, Ooi CT, Kumaran, Tan HS, Leong YP, David Tay AL & Atchu Narayanan. Seated L to R:Tee KC, Loh HC, Yong WO, Hj Mohamad Arbe, Wong Wah, Cheong WF(back) & Alton Lee KP.

L to R:Genga,Lester (boy), Lim AB, Sebastian Ng (back), Chia KF,Yee SC (back), Hj Mohamad Arbe, Chong FH, Vincent Lo, Joe Pie & Lim PC.
L to R:Lim AB, Ooi CT, Mike Teoh, Cheong WF, Chan TF & Yong AK.

MACVA would like to thanks the following MACVs for this successful event:-
Organisers - Mike Teoh, Vincent Lo and Chia KF.
Master of Ceremony - Goh Teck Kheong.
Contributing 10 Kg of Beras Wangi - Ooi Chai Thuan.

It is one of MACVA objectives to foster and strengthen comradeship, unity and harmony among all Veterans. This event shows the close comradeship and camaraderie among Veterans despite being ethically different. It is a testimony to all Malaysians that we can truly live in harmony in our beloved country Malaysia by showing and practising care, tolerant and respect for one another.

Maj Wong Kwai Yinn (Rtd)

23 Nov 18

WO1 Mike Teoh Chong Kooi RMAF (Rtd)

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