Charity and Useful Works

Veterans Do Care
31 Aug 17
In conjunction with the 60th Merdeka Day and the 1st Anniversary of Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) on 31 Aug 17, the President led 40 members and spouses of MACVA to visit the Ti Ratana Orphanage Home at Salak Selatan Bharu.

It was very meaningful visit as the MACVs were reminded that there are many children in our midst who grow up without the much needed parental love and care. The Ti Ratana Orphanage Home in many ways provide the love and care for these children.

MACVA took this opportunity to donate RM16,800.00 to Ti Ratana Welfare Society as an appreciation for their wonderful service. The donation was handed over by MACVA President, Maj Tan Pau Son (Rtd) to Chief Reverend Dhammaratana.

Veteran Juga Prihatin
Sempena dengan sambutan Hari Merdeka yang ke 60 dan Hari Ulang Tahun Pertama Persatuan Veteran Cina Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (MACVA) pada 31 Ogos 17, Presiden MACVA telah mengetuai 40 orang ahli dan pasangan mereka melawat Rumah Anak Yatim Ti Ratana di Salak Selatan Baru.

Lawatan tersebut amat bermakna kerana ia mengingatkan ahli-ahli bahawa terdapat ramai kanak-kanak di kalangan kita yang membesar tanpa kasih sayang ibu bapa yang amat diperlukan. Rumah Anak Yatim Ti Ratana telah memainkan pelbagai peranan memberi kasih sayang kepada kanak-kanak tersebut.

MACVA mengambil kesempatan lawatan ini menderma RM16,800.00 kepada Badan Kebajikan Ti Ratana sebagai menghargai usaha murni mereka. Sumbangan tersebut diserahkan oleh Mej Tan Pau Son (Bersara) kepada Ketua Reverend Dhammaratana.



为表達对迪啦達娜孤儿院所付出的爱心和努力的讚赏,大馬华裔退伍军人協会同仁乐捐一万六千八百元给该院作为活动基金。捐款是由大马华裔退伍军人协会会长陈保山少校移交给该院主持尊贵的 谭马啦达那先生(Reverend Dhammaratana)。

The Anniversary of Tai Seong Lor Koon Temple
26 Jul 17
MACVs attended the Anniversary Dinner of Tai Seong Lor Koon Temple at Lumut Naval Base. More than 1000 people including several retired Chinese RMN personels who had previously served in the base attended the function. MACVs were represented by all 3 services making up 2 tables of 20 paxs. MACVA VP RMAF LAC Joe Pie Chong Seng RMAF (Rtd) presented MACVA donations and plaque to the Temple Chairman Kept Tay Yap Leong RMN. Also present was CM Youth Development Project Lt Col Chua Eng Lye (Rtd). Kudos to MACVs and spouse who came all the way from Bukit Bertajam and Kuala Lumpur to support the event.

The 55th Year Anniversary of San See Temple at Terendak Camp
9 Jul 17
MACVs attended the 55th Year Anniversary Dinner of San See Temple at Terendak Camp. Approximately 1000 people including several retired Chinese officers who had served in the Terendak Camp attended the occasion where Lt Col Ivan Lee is the Chairman of the Temple. The Temple Committee donated RM1,000 to the MACVA Welfare Fund at event. In a sincere return gesture, MACVA President Maj Tan Pau Son (Rtd) donated RM1,500 to the Temple.

MACVA would like to thank the San See Temple Committee for their kind thought. MACVs attending the dinner includes:-
President Maj Tan Pau Son (Rtd),
Brig Gen Dr Leong Weng Foon (Rtd),
Honorary Secretary Lt Col Wong Ah Jit (Rtd),
MCPO Chua Boon Heng (Rtd) RMN and
LCpl Chua Teck Seng (Rtd).

The 46th Year Anniversary of Kim Ann Beu Temple at Pantai Belimbing
9 Jul 17
MACVs attended the 46th Year Anniversary Dinner of Kim Ann Beu Temple at Pantai Belimbing, Malacca. More than 1500 people attended the 150 tables dinner where Capt Tong Lye Heng (Rtd) is the Chairman of the Temple. The Temple Committee donated RM3,000 to the MACVA Welfare Fund at the event which was received by Laksma Datuk Kay Hai Thuan (Rtd) RMN, MACVA Vice President. MACVA would like to express its sincere gratitutes to the Kim Ann Beu Temple Committee for their kind gestures.

MACVs attending the dinner includes:-
President Maj Tan Pau Son (Rtd) entourage from Terendak Temple function,
Brig Gen Dato Hon Mun Loong (Rtd),
Vice President Laksma Datuk Kay Hai Thuan (Rtd) RMN,
Vice President LAC Joe Pie Chong Seng (Rtd) RMAF,
Honorary Treasurer Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd),
Maj Lee Kong Kok (Rtd) and
Maj Ong You Chai (Rtd).

OKU Children with Guardians and Museum Staffs.

MACVA Veteran Hosted OKU Children
7 May 17
A magnanimous MACVA Veteran recently hosted in collaboration with their guardians; a group of OKU on a visit to Port Dickson. The OKU's were special children from Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Harapan Bentong and Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa (PKKI) Kg Perting, Bentong, Pahang. A PDK is a community-based rehabilitation centre for persons with disabilities. The highlight of the visit was an organised trip to the Army Museum. The 40 Bentong OKU children and their guardians spend two days and one night at a posh villa in Port Dickson from 4 May to 5 May 17. Salute to our MACVA Veterans for contributing their valuable time and resources for community service.

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Herald Malaysia Online. Maj Andrew Teoh (Rtd). 7 Apr 17.

MACVA Catholics And Christians Visiting The Archbishop Of Kuala umpur
22 Mar 17
A team coordinated by Maj Andrew Teoh (Rtd) paid a visit to His Grace, Archbishop Julian Leow Beng Kim of the Diocese of Kuala Lumpur. The visit took place at the Pastoral House co-located in the grounds of the Church of St Anthony, off Jalan Pudu.

Archbishop Julien Low greeted the team at the foyer and was very humbly dressed. With him were soon-to-be-ordained Deacon Vincent Thomas and Mr Jude Benjamin, the Personal Asst to His Grace.

The team from MACVA comprised the following:
1. Brig Gen Dr Leong Weng Foon (Rtd)
2. Lt Col Otto Ong (Rtd)
3. Lt Col Raymond Goh (Rtd)
4. Lt Col Fabian Wong (Rtd)
5. Lt Col Albert Ng (Rtd)
6. Maj Philip Cheah (Rtd)
7. Maj Aloysius Lee (Rtd)
8. Maj Lee Kong Kok (Rtd)
9. Maj Peter Yeow (Rtd)
10. Maj Andrew Teoh (Rtd)
11. Kapt John Chai (Rtd)
12. Maj David Chow (Rtd)

A light breakfast was served.

Maj Andrew Teoh (Rtd) gave a brief introduction on the purpose and intentions of MACVA in wanting to encourage Chinese youths to seek the Armed Forces as a possible career. Much discussions then took place by all participants and to see how the Catholic Church could help reach out and to influence its younger parishioners to see the Armed Forces as a career. The point and advantages of studying at National Defence University was highlighted. Details of that programme was forwarded to Mr Jude Benjamin by Maj David Chow (Rtd).

The meeting was cordial and has given His Grace an insight into the need to increase the participation of the Chinese to serve King and Country. It ended earlier than scheduled as His Grace had another appointment to attend. But not before a souvenir was presented to His Grace by Brig Gen Dr Leong Weng Foon (Rtd).

In God we trust that MACVA will endeavour to encourage more non-Malays, especially the Chinese, to answer the call to serve King and Country. A Credible Voice of hope for the nation.

Maj David Chow (Rtd)
22 March 17

Capt Kung Boon Ching (Rtd)
23 Jan 17
A special inclining medical bed and a wheelchair were in need. Thanks to the untiring effort of MACVA members, particularly Capt Kung Boon Ching (Rtd), both items were delivered to the home of Brig Gen Dato Jamil (Rtd), previously the Chief Engineer of the Royal Engineers Corps. All the relevant parties played their part - MINDEF, JHEV, Engineer Corps and MACVA.

The delay in obtaining the special medical items was bogged down by the necessary paper work. Our Capt Kung (Rtd), Lt Col Fabian (Rtd) and Capt Ko (Rtd) assisted by requesting the relevant authorities to hasten things. Within 72 hours, the special bed and wheelchair were delivered. Many thanksto all for their caring and loving effort to their comrades in need.

L to R : Dato Yusof former CPO Sarawak, Maj KD Richard, Brig Jen Dato Jamil and Capt Kung Boon Chin.