Charity and Useful Works
L to R: Chow Yun Kai, VP Army MACVA, Brig Gen Dato' Dr Rosman bin Ab Rahman, CO HATTM,
Col Dr Mohd Mansor bin Shariff, Head of DMZ, Datuk Goh Seng Toh, President MACVA,
Dato' Lee Kwang Lock, VP RMN MACVA & Wong Ah Jit, Hon Sec MACVA


16 Aug 21
MACVA led by its President Brig Gen Datuk Goh Seng Toh RMAF presented RM10,000.00 from the MACVA Welfare Fund to HATTM Commanding Officer Brig Gen Dato' Dr Rosman bin Ab Rahman as the MACVA's appreciation to the 100 front liners at the DMZ, a Covid 19 Care Centre. The 100 strong front liners comprise of doctors, medical and logistics staff who work round the clock to provide about 200 stage 3, 4 or 5 Covid 19 patients the necessary treatments. The DMZ is headed by Col Dr Mohd Mansor bin Shariff, HATTM.

It is our hope the small contribution FROM MACVA will bring some comfort to the front liners. We also sincerely hope caring individuals and organisations to come forward to assist the DMZ in providing additional welfare needs of the front liners. The front liners are drawn from various Armed Forces Medical Units in the country.

Brig Gen Dato' Dr Rosman bin Ab Rahman thanked MACVA for the kind contribution.

Honorary Secretary

Adjustable Reclining Hospital Bed.

MACVA Medical Equipments Assistance To SSgt Ricky Loh Tiam Hock
12 Aug 21
"Today is one of the happiest day that we ever experience ❤
Finally my dad is discharged from Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuaku Mizan, exactly 30 days. It has been a worrisome journey for us, as dad was admitted, supposedly for surgery for a fractured pelvic but ended up in the ICU with other distressing diagnosis. My Dad is a fighter and he fight thru it with the supports from the good doctors and nurses from Orthopaedic Male Ward, ICU, Male Medical Ward, family members, relatives, friends, school mate and buddies from his Veteran group and lastly MACVA ❤

With deepest gratitude, my family and I thank you for your continue, encouragements and support for my dad ❤

Ms Jaime Loh
(Daughter of Bro Ricky Loh Tiam Hock - KOD)

MACVA takes this opportunity to thank everybody along the whole journey, from admission on 12 July to discharge on 12 August 2021. Special mention to Col (Dr) Wong Hon Kong of HATTM and his Orthopaedic staff for their dedicated service.

We would like to thanks Tan See Kiat for delivering the bed and the Commode Chair to the house at 56 Jln SS2/20, Petaling Jaya at 1030 hrs. The bed was sanitised before moving into the house. We also extend our thanks to Brig Gen Datuk Ng Chin Huat (Retired) for organising the KOD fatigue party and the soldiers involved.

MACVA also likes to appeal for used health equipment, like wheelchairs, potable toilet chairs, medical beds, etc which are not in used at home. Please contact us and we will collect these items. Thank you.

David Chow
VP Army

Sanitising the Hospital Bed.
KOD soldiers helping to deliver the bed.
Commode Chair.
Standing L to R:Ng Chor Huat, Lim Khoo Hing, Lee Cheng Eam, Ramalingam, Jerome de Silva, Yeoh Teck Siew. Seated is Khoo Cheow Hooi.

MACVs Welfare Visit
5 Apr 21
NC Chapter MACVs visited Khoo Cheow Hooi TA Army at his apartment at Desa Mawar, Air Itam, Penang on 3 Apr 21. Khoo is recovering from a motor vehicle accident that he met in January 2020 which resulted in a 35 days hospitalization.

During the visit, Jerome de Silva presented Khoo with Get Well Angpow. Also present during the visit were Residen Association Chairman Lee Cheng Eam and Secretary Ramalingam.

The NC team then visited Peace and Harmony Home in Gelugor, Penang where Yeow Teck Seng presented Trishaew-men Project goodies to its Principal Tan Swee Ban.

The MACVs have taken time off to visit their fellow colleague, cheering him up and wishing him well. This small gesture shows great camaraderie and comradeship among MACVA members and kudos to all who have made the effort. We wish Khoo a speedy recovery.

Standing L to R:Mrs Khoo, Lim Khoo Hing, Lee Cheng Eam, Ramalingam, Jerome de Silva, Yeoh Teck Siew. Seated is Khoo Cheow Hooi.
At Peace and Harmony Home. L to R: Jerome de Silve, Lim Khoo Hing, Tan Swee Ban, Yeow Teck Seng and Ng Chor Huat,
Standing on the left of MACVA's streamer - Dato Loo Lee Lian & members of FOG. Squating-front row, 4th on the right is event coordinator - Brother Tham KW, on his right Ng Chor Huat & members presence from NC to give support.

Northern Chapter and Friends Of Goodwill Joint Charity Project
28 Mar 21
A joint charity project was held between Northern Chapter and Friends Of Goodwill (FOG), distributing goodies to trishawmen at Penang Road this morning. Items consists of personal hygiene, footwear, raincoat, mug, biscuits, towel, cake, hot meal by Bayview Hotel Penang, 3 X food exchange coupons on different dates in month of April and RM80.00 Angpow.

Pictures shows trishawmen were waiting eargely for the distribution of goodies to commence. FOG was represented by Dato' Loo Lee Lian and members. Trishawmen were represented by Chairman Mr Koay Beng Hong. (Group photo - right of streamer). MACVA were represented by Veterans from TA, RMN, RMAF, ARMY from Northern Region.

A picture also shows two veterans standing beside MACVA streamer L-Yeoh Teck Siew RMN and R-Lim Khoon Hing RMAF all the way from Bukit Mertajanm. Thank you to all veterans who were present from mainland and Penang island to show their support. This project were supported by members, well wishers, civilians, associations in cash donations and in kindness. It was executed within a week by Event Coordinator CPO Tham Ken Wah and his ever helpful committee. TQVM.

Ng Chor Huat
Northern Chapter Chairman

Trishawmen livelihood, income depends mainly on tourists but due to MCO for the last one year, their income were almost reduced to zero. Waiting anxiously for the distribution of goodies to commence. Items includes personal hygiene, food coupons, foot wear, towel, biscuits & Ang pow of RM80.00 were given, fund & items contributed by NC Members, well wishers & supporters.
NC usual service contributors took a photo by the side of MACVA streamer, L-Yeoh Teck Siew RMN. R-Lim Khoon Hing RMAF.
Wanita from TA - Law Soo Wey helping a member from FOG carrying a cartoon of mineral water.

macva Video Clip of NC Members assisting in distributing goodies to Trishawmen.

At Persatuan Kebajikan Chen Ai OKU. L to R:Lim WF, David Tay AL, Kevin Wong SK, Ah Siang, Steven Wong KP, Ah Hau, Ah Hong, Mandy Phang, Mary and Ooi CT.

MACVA Charity Rice (MCR) Programme
25 Mar 21
Again; the loading was delayed despite arriving well before the scheduled time. It is not for lack of planning but others was there and had been busy since 05:00H this morning.

We landed late at the first drop off point (Persatuan Kebajikan Chen Ai OKU) to find Bros Kevin Wong SK & David Tay AL anxiously waiting in front of the public funded centre that housed 26 OKU.

Bro Steven Wong & Sis Mandy Phang from Chen Ai understand our limitation, the similar predicament of other NGO in need and was thankful for the gifts (175kg of rice) from MACVA.

A short hop took us next to Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Malaysian that is currently looking after 76 pax ranging from 10 months to 73 years in age.

While unloading 250kg of rice, we noted one gentleman came bearing cash and another lady with food items. The exchanged of nods between us says it all.

After a hearty "refuelling" from Bro Kevin at the popular New Ipoh Chicken Rice, Bkt Gasing; we headed for Charis Sheep Pen Shelter in Pudu and arriving there at about 13:35H. The Shelter had 22 abandoned or homeless senior citizens including MACVA L/Member Bro Sammy Loke KL.

We were honoured by Rev. Leong for breaking off from his busy schedule to attend and receiving the 75kg of rice from MACVA.

A diversion was decided before RTB (return to base) and we made a detour to deliver 30kg of rice to the kitchen of Gurdwara Sahib Subang (GSS). It was bonus for me today to hear the name "Amanjit Singh" again.

It was around mid March 2020 that I communicated with Bro Amanjit through phone and WhatsApp after SJ Echo's report went viral on facebook of GSS providing cooked meals to members of the community affected or may be unable to prepare meals due to age, disability or other reason after MCO was declared. It was disappointing then that my "GrapCar" service was turned down for the good reason relating to permit & approval. Today, Bro Amanjit Singh once again expressed his appreciation for the RM9K that Veterans had pooled together for that exercise.

The suggestion of "Hello Frens" as a social activity for Veterans to better understand our Sikh Bros & Sis was warmly received.

It was a successful charity outing where a total of 103 packets of rice were distributed to those in need. Another 75 packets was distributed on 23 Mar and 24 Mar 2021. MACVA would like to extend its sincere appreciations and thanks to all members who have donated to this charity and well done to the MCR team.

Lim Wai Fah
MCR Coordinator

MACVA small gesture to Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia.
Thank You MACVA.
L to R:Bro Lee, Bro Kam Sui and Rev. Leong KM of Charis Sheep Pen Shelter Pudu where our Bro Sammy Loke KL (MACVA LM) called home.
Meeting Bro Amanjit Singh of Gurdwara Sahib Subang for the first time since March 2020.
Bro Ooi CT was "Sing-ing".
Ooi Chai Thuan. "Ma'am, please be safe and we wish you good health."

MACVA Charity Rice (MCR) Inaugural Programme
23 Mar 21
The Inaugural of MCR was scheduled for 10:30AM today. The unloading of rice from a trailer backs up our loading. We finally arrived at the 1st drop off point in Teluk Pulai at 10:16 AM.

The large crowd (many without a stool to sit on) that congregated since 9:00AM convinced us to cut through all protocol and distribute the rice directly from the truck in the middle of the road.

After a quick head count; assurance was given to avoid stampede that everyone will be given a bag of rice. The supposedly grand launch was over in less than 10 minutes without bruises, cuts and fanfare.

The team also visited Pn Siti Noor Madzariah in Taman Sri Sentosa after taken note of a facebook posting dated 5 Mar 21; and handed some rice for sustenance. Our prayers that Pn Siti to remain healthy and maintain strong tenacity in over coming challenges ahead in this difficult time together with her 5 children.

It was a successful charity outing where a total of 55 packets of rice were distributed to residents in need within Teluk Pulai, Klang and Pn Siti in Taman Sri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur. MACVA would like to extend its sincere appreciations and thanks to all members who have donated to this charity and a well done to the MCR team which comprising:-
Lim Wai Fah
Mike Teoh
Tomas Lee
Tien Sen Ann
Patrick Lee
Ooi Chai Thuan

Lim Wai Fah
MCR Coordinator

The residents waited since 9.00 AM.
Tomas Lee. "Our small token for you and your family Sir."
Achi, jalan perlahan-perlahan.
The Commitee Members of Tien Du Gong Klang that assisted in rice distribution to the needy nearby.
A small token to sister in need from MCR. From left: Ooi Chai Thuan, Pn Siti Noor Madzariah, Tomas Lee. Tien Sen Ann was busy 'clicking' away.
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