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MACVA AGM Group Photo at Dewan Syarahan, PERHEBAT, Sungai Buloh Camp.

MACVA 2019 Annual General Meeting
2 Apr 19
Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) successfully held its AGM for 2019 at Dewan Syarahan , Kompleks Perbadanan Hal Ehwal Bekas ATM (PERHEBAT), Sg Buloh Camp, Sg Buloh, Selangor on 30 Mar 19. About 180 participating MACVs made the trip from Johore Baru, Melaka, Klang Valley, Ipoh and Penang to support the event.

MACVs started arriving at 10.30 am to register for the event. Many were busy catching up with old colleagues where the comradeship and camaraderie were fantastic. Some collected their PJM Certificates and some collected their Medal Conferring Photos from a recent PJM Medal Conferring Event held at Dewan Perkasa, Wisma Perwira ATM on 16 Feb 19.

The event programs were as follows:-
1) 11.00am Registration
2) 12.00pm – 1.00 pm Health talk by Dr Adrian Ooi Seng Wae
3) 1.00pm -2.00pm Lunch at Dewan PERHEBAT
4) 2.10pm AGM Group Photo
5) 2.30pm – 5.30pm MACVA AGM 2019
6) 5.35pm Open Dialogue
7) 6.00pm AGM End

Datuk Goh Seng Toh giving his first speech as MACVA President.

MACVA welcome the following MACVs to the Management Committee for the term 2019 to 2021 and applaud their volunteerism:-

Brig Gen Datuk Goh Seng Toh RMAF (Rtd) - President
Maj David Chow Chun Kai (Rtd) – VP Army
Lt Col Wong Ah Jit (Rtd) - Honorary Secretary
Lt Col Loo Lee Fum (Rtd) - Committee Member
Maj Wong Kwai Yinn (Rtd) - Committee Member
Lt Ong Thean Huat RMN (Rtd) - Committee Member
WO I Chu Ee Sin (Rtd) - Committee Member
WO II Lee Kai Tong RMAF (Rtd) - Committee Member

Tan Pau Son (Seated 5th from left) with the Management Committee.

MACVA would also like to register its profound appreciation and sincere gratitude to outgoing President Maj Tan Pau Son (Rtd) and the following Committee Members for their dedication and contributions during their time in the Management Committee. We wish them all the best in their future undertakings.

Maj Godfrey Chang (Rtd) – VP Army
Lt Col Chua Eng Lye (Rtd) - Committee Member
Maj Anthony Yeap Hock Chai (Rtd) - Committee Member
WO II Hong Swee Chui (Rtd) - Committee Member

Kudos to the Organising Committee and those involved in making the 2019 AGM a successful event. MACVA would like to express its sincere gratitude to all MACVs who have travelled to the event from outside of Klang Valley and to PERHEBAT for their kind assistance and the usage of their halls.

macva Event Video Clip

President Tan Pau Son with prosperity lions and Sky Chen Ka Kim on stage to welcome New Year.

MACVA 2019 Chinese New Year Dinner
27 Feb 19
Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA) successfully held its association 2019 Chinese New Year Dinner at the Unique Elite Grand Ballroom, Lot 8a, Jalan 13/2, Section 13, Petaling Jaya on 16 Feb 18. A total of 590 MACVs, spouses, colleagues, friends and honour guests from the Malaysia Armed Forces (MAF), Malaysian Armed Forces Indian Veterans Association (PERIM), and Malaysia Armed Forces Sikh Veterans Association (MAFSVA) and attended the event. The registration stall was setup by 5.30 pm where MACVs and guests began arriving by 6.00 pm. Among the VIP guests from MAF attending the event were:-

Admiral Datuk Mohd Reza bin Mohd Sany, Chief of Navy
Maj Gen Dato’ Toh Choon Siang and Datin Shirley Toh
Brig Gen Dato’ Anwar Ta and Datin Marina bte Mohd Sharif
Brig Gen Ariff Soo and Pn Badrina bte Badrudin
Brig Gen Tong Veng Leong TUDM and Ms Judy Ang
Col (Dr) Kwong Fook Wen and and Ms Yap Wei Lai

Organising Chairman Phua Hean Sim delivering Welcome Remarks.
Wong Ah Jit as Emcee of the night.

The event commenced at 7.30 pm with a lion dance performance to usher in the New Year followed by a Welcome Remarks by the Organising Chairman VP RMN Phua Hean Sim. The Emcee for the night was Hon Sec Wong Ah Jit. MACVA President Tan Pau Son was then invited on stage where he first wished everyone present a Happy Chinese New Year, Good Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity; and delivered his New Year speech.

Tan Pau Son delivering his New Year speech.

This was followed by the Loa Sang (Lo Hei) Tossing with auspicious wishes like 心想事成 - May all your wishes come true; 步步高升 - May every step take you higher and 大吉大利 - May you have great luck and great profit; being loudly uttered while tossing the prosperity Yee Sang with chopsticks.

VIP Guest Lao Sang Tossing to welcome New Year.
MACVs simultaneously Lao Sang Tossing on 59 tables.

A sumptuous 7 courses dinner was then served and the choruses of Yam Seng were heard throughout the 59 dinner tables in unison. The camaraderie and comradeship of all present were fantastic as old friends and colleagues met for fellowship.

MACVs, friends and colleague met up showing great comradeship and camaraderie.

The event continued with music from the live band where MACVs with spouses/friends were invited to the dance floor. The atmosphere was lively where some senior couples still dazzled in dancing the Cha-Cha. Leading the proceeding were President, VP Army Godfrey Chang and their spouses. It was fantastic to see so many MACVs enjoying themselves with their love ones in a very joyful and happy festive occasion.

Tan Pau Son and wife showing their Cha-Cha skill.
Godfrey Chang and wife not to be outdone.

MACVA would like to thank the Organising Chairman VP RMN Phua Hean Sim and his hardworking committees for their effort and sacrifice in ensuring the success of the dinner. We also like to express our sincere gratitude’s to the President Tan Pau Son, VP Army Godfrey Chang, VP RMN Phua Hean Sim, VP RMAF Joe Pie Chong Seng, Sky Chen Ka Kim, Micheal Lee, Heineken Brewery and all MACVs who have made sponsorships to the event.

Joe Pie Chong Seng getting his auspicious angpow from Choy Sen Cheh.

Malacca MACVs Ho Kim Sai, Thomas Ng and Soon Poh Lee all looking cheerful.
Bukit Mertajam MACVs Ang Kee Lam and Lim Thian Huat all smiles.

MACVA would like to thank all MACVs, spouses, colleagues, friends and honour guests for gracing the occasion and helped made it a successful event. We would also like to thanks all senior MACVs and especially to all those who have travelled from outstation to joined us for the dinner. Welldone, Kudos and BZs to all involved for a splendid job.

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President and Committee Members Visit Sarawak Chapter
7 Nov 18
MACVA President and Committee Members meet up with Sarawak Chapter MACVs on a trip to Kuching recently. The trip from 1 Nov to 4 Nov 18 enable both groups to meet for the first time besides allowing MACVs from East and West Malaysia to get together and foster their comradeship. The visiting group from Kuala Lumpur comprised of:-
President Tan Pau Son and wife,
VP Army Godfrey Chang and wife,
VP RMN Phua Hean Sim and wife,
MYR CM Carol Loo and Soon Tet Leong,
Tong Lye Heng and wife,
Tony Ho Weng Kong RMN and wife and
Sky Chen Ka Kim RMN and wife.

Joining the group for the visit was:-
Cheah Phee Cheng RMN,
Mui Sam Loong RMN and wife,
Ng Thian Yew RMN,
Anthony Foong RMN and
Robert Ong RMN.

The program for the visit:-
1 Nov 18
Arrival Kuching and hotel check in.
7.00 pm - Sarawak Chapter Welcome Dinner at Lok Thian Restaurant, Kuching.

2 Nov 18
9.00 am - Corutesy Call on RNO Kuching Cdr Jeffry Nerat RMN.
4.30 pm - Courtesy Call on GOC 1 Division Maj Gen Dato' Toh Choong Siang.

3 Nov 18
7.00 pm - President Appreciation Dinner at Roack Road Seafood Restaurant, Kuching.

4 Nov 18
Departure Kuching.

Welcome Dinner at Lok Thian Restaurant, Kuching.

President and visiting team members would like to express their sincere gratitudes to Sarawak Chapter MACVs for the show of solidarity and comradeship for the welcoming dinner. Thank you for a very meaningful gesture of bouquet of flowers to the President's wife, Madam Diana Tan and the Grade A pepper corns to all the visiting team wives. It was a fantastic night out and the beautiful view of Kuching river water front from the 17th floor was a sight to behold.

Call on RNO Kuching Cdr Jeffry Nerat RMN.
Courtesy Call on GOC 1 Division Maj Gen Dato' Toh Choong Siang.
President Tan PauSon presenting MACVA Booklet to Col Dunstan Nyaring (Rtd) at Rock Road Seafood Restaurant, Kuching.

Foo Ah Cheng as Sarawak Chapter leader expressed his sincere appreciation to the President, Madam Diana Tan and entourage for visiting Kuching and hosting Sarawak Chapter to a great appreciation dinner. A total of RM 9000.00 was collected for the Sarawak Chapter Welfare Fund and he would like to express his sincere appreciation to those for their generous donations:-
President - rM 5000.00
Mdm Diana Tan - RM 1000.00
Tong Lye Heng - RM 1000.00
Phua Hean Sim - RM 500.00
Tony Ho Weng Kong - RM 500.00
Sky Chen Ka Kim - RM 500.00
Robert Ong - RM 500.00
Anonymous - RM 1500.00 (Welcome Dinner)

Kudos to VP Army Godfrey Chang and Foo Ah Cheng for organising the trip and making the event a success. It was heart warming to see West and East Malaysia MACVs get together and fellowship on occasion like this. This show's that the distances apart are not of consequences when the comradeship and camaraderie display are for such quality. We also thanks all spouses involved in the trip that supported their MACVs husband and wife activities.

MACVs wives at Rock Road Seafood Restaurant, Kuching.

MACVA would like to express its sincere gratitude to Foo Ah Cheng and Sarawak Chapter for graciously hosting the President and his entourage. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to GOC 1 Division Maj Gen Dato' Toh Choong Siang and RNO Kuching Cdr Jeffrey RMN for graciously accepting MACVA President courtesy call.

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Northern Chapter RMAF/Tri-Services Dinner at Kim Hee Restaurant, Bukit Mertajam.

Northern Chapter RMAF/Tri-Services 2018 Annual Dinner
25 Oct 18
Northern Chapter held its 2018 RMAF/Tri-Services Annual Dinner at Kim Hee Restaurant, Pusat Perniagaan Seri Alma, Bukit Mertajam on 20 Oct 18. About 400 RMAF Veterans, spouses, Army and RMN Veterans, colleagues and friends attended the event.

The programme of the nite were:-
1. 5.00 pm - Guest Arrival & registration; confirming sitting table and high tea.
2. 7.00 pm - Dinner announcement by Emcee; Daniel Lim Thian Huat.
 (Observe 1 minute silence in paying respect to demised comrades).
3. 7.30 pm - Organising Chairman Speech; Capt Tei Poey Eong RMAF (Rtd).
 (Videoclip Show of 2017 Annual Dinner).
4. 8.00 pm - Start of Dinner.
 • Saxophone presentation by Chan Ean Leng.
 • Sleep Disorder Health awareness Introduction by Koay Ming Hock.
 • Presenting of CPAP equipment to 6 recipients.
 • Lucky draw – 1st round.
 • Recognition award.
 • Presenting PPA (Pingat Perkidmatan Am) to 10 comrades.
 • Lucky draw – 2nd round.
 • Group Photo session.
5. 11.00 pm - End of Dinner.

The camaraderie and comradeship of all present on the evening were fantastic as friends and colleagues fellowship while enjoying a delicious Chinese dinner. The hard working committee that ensure the successful event led by Tei Poey Eong were:-

1. Daniel Lim Thian Huat.
2. Loo Ah Seng.
3. Kok Chin Huat.
4. Ang Kee Lam.
5. Phoo Ah Fook.
6. Lai Choo.
7. Loh Chong Chye.

The Organising Commitee would also like to thanks Loo Ah Seng, Kok Ching Huat, Tei Poey Eong and Koay Ming Hock for their generous sponsorship and all participants for their present in supporting and making the event a successful nite out.

macva Event Montage

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