MACVA Patient Mobility Assistance (MPMA) is a welfare/community programme under the auspices of MACVA to provide certain equipment on loan in support of a patient’s nursing care and movement. This programme is financed by individuals independent of MACVA.

A group of concerned MACVA members led by Brother Richard Lye Wah and Brother Tang Wah have observed the need for early support for the physical and ambulatory needs for stroke and other seriously ill patients such as Nursing Beds, Wheelchairs and Walking Aids. These items may be available from various organisations, including JHEV, but the process often had a long lead time. MPMA seeks to make these equipment available on loan to MACVA members and other qualified persons while waiting for approval of such equipment from relevant organisations.

MPMA aims to provide:-
a. Nursing beds.
b. Wheelchairs.
c. Walkers and other walking aids.
d. Other equipment in the near future if available.

a. MACVA members and their spouses.
b. Parents and qualified children of MACVA members.
c. Other veterans on recommendation of a MACVA member.
d. Others under special circumstances on recommendation of a MACVA member.

MPMA is organised into 2 main components:-
a. The Administrative Component; headed by MACVA Management Committee (Welfare) is responsible for the administration and processing of all applications.
b. The Logistics Component; headed by the elected Chairman - MPMA Logistics Working Group is responsible for the financing, acquisition, storage, maintenance, repair, issue and return of all equipment. It also helps to facilitate where possible the transportation of equipment to and from users.

All applications shall be made in the approved form.

All applications shall be proposed and supported by members of MACVA.

All applications shall be vetted and approved by the Administrative Component on behalf of the MACVA Management Committee.

The approval process shall be completed soonest and communicated to the Logistics Component for action.

The Logistics Component shall evaluate the needs and suitability of equipment for the end user and arrange for the release, dispatch or delivery of the equipment in good working condition.

The equipment shall be loaned to the applicant free of charge. However, donations in any form would be most appreciated.

The Applicant/Guardian/Caregiver (AGC) shall be responsible for the due maintenance and repair of the loaned equipment. Wherever possible, the Logistics Component shall render possible assistance where needed in the maintenance and repair of loaned equipment.

Transportation of the equipment shall be the responsibility of the AGC. For Klang Valley, transportation may be provided free if available.

The AGC shall sign a waiver for liability and injury, inconvenience or any other loss as a result from use of the loaned equipment.

At the end of the loan period, the AGC shall be responsible for the transportation and return of that equipment in reasonable condition.

The AGC may seek assistance from local organisations for assistance for transportation where needed.

The Administrative Component shall recommend the duration of loan and extensions of such duration.

Both the Administrative and Logistics Components shall monitor the loaned equipment from time to time to ensure proper usage to prevent mishandling or abuse.

Where and when practical; placement of equipment may be decentralised to be under the various MACVA Chapters.

All MACVA members are encouraged to be on the alert and render timely assistance to members in need for MPMA especially in the application and transportation.

All MACVA members are encouraged to volunteer time and other resources in making MPMA a success.


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MACVA Management Committee (Welfare)

3rd March 2020